They suspect that the robbers at the house of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are from the couple’s circle

Chilling suspicions about the robbers of the Sevillian house of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio: the assailants who broke into the property could be people close to the soccer player and the influencer. This is one of the assumptions that have been made in Fiesta, arguing that access to the property is very complicated and that the robbers entered through the main door. The conclusion they slip into the Telecinco program is that the thieves “knew too many details” about the property.

The program’s reporter Richard Pena maintains that the farm “is completely guarded” and that it could be “someone in the family.” One of the keys is in the watches. Apparently, there is a market for second-hand watches and Pilar and Sergio “are convinced” that someone has blown some information.

When the robbery occurred, on September 20, Pilar and Sergio were not at home, but they suffered the biggest scare of their lives, as published by ABC. The couple’s four children, Sergio Jr. (9), Marco (7), Alejandro (5) and Máximo Adriano (3), were inside with their caregivers. Fortunately, neither the children nor the domestic workers suffered any harm.

The farm is located in Bollullos de la Mitación, a municipality that is 20 minutes from the center of the Seville capital. A very special place for the two, since they celebrated their wedding there in 2019. The farm has 13,000 square meters, a paddle tennis court and a soccer field.