They scold the infanta because of Froilán: Doña Elena, confronted with her brother, her ex and her son

In the Zarzuela Palace, more than one considers Froilan Marichalar and Borbón “the black sheep” of the family of King Felipe VI. This week’s nightclub confrontation, at five in the morning, of the son of the Infanta Elena with another young man, it is the last straw of patience.

Confidence reaches us that Don Felipe has telephoned his sister to ask her to draw attention once and for all to the current enfant terrible of the Bourbon saga. But the twenty-year-old, fourth in line to occupy the throne, unfortunately, ignores warnings and lives a crazy life on Madrid nights. His passion for partying knows no bounds, and his parents no longer know how to stop him. At 24 years old, his eagerness at night still seems incorrigible.

Just a few days ago, we learned that he is weak in university studies. And we are reminded of some prescient words from his own father, Jaime de Marichalar, in 2015: “My son is not a good student.”

Let us remember that, as we anticipated days ago exclusively, last Wednesday night, at around 5 in the morning, Victoria Federica’s brother starred in a new altercation. This time it was at the Kapital nightclub on Atocha street in Madrid. In one of the private boxes of the premises, Felipe Juan Froilan, with his usual cap and sportswear, was hurrying up the night in the company of a girl. The young woman and the son Infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar They were enjoying the evening when some young tourists passing through Madrid recognized him and took some photos of him with their mobile. The son of the infanta Elena realized it, flew into a rage, and demanded that they give him his mobile. That led to a row. Felipe VI’s nephew’s companion had to calm him down: “Felipe, calm down!” She told him, according to eyewitnesses. The dispute raised the tone because the “neighbors” of Froilán’s box refused to give him the telephone.

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A year ago it was published that he had problems as has happened now on a night out for which he ended up at the police station: “They had to go look for him at the police station. Froilán called because they had put him in I don’t know what problem and the bosses had to go of the Madrid Police,” a witness told Live life in October 2021.

More times

The nephew of King Felipe VI has already been the protagonist of fights on other occasions at the gates of a Madrid nightclub. Another witness recorded the images broadcast in his day on television, of the infanta’s eldest son arguing and very excited with another young man, another verbal fight in which there was no lack of jostling and verbal threats by both. According to the witness who allegedly provided the images to Save me, Froilán confronted himself: “Are you going to hit me? Touch me.” At these words, the boy replied: “You are the King’s grandson, I am not going to touch you. But touch me and it will be self-defense.” “You’re pushing me. I’m not touching you. Be careful. Don’t touch me,” settled the eldest grandson of King Juan Carlos. Meanwhile, the friends of the eldest son of the Infanta Elena tried to calm him down as it happened this Wednesday. The difference is that he is now 24 years old and that fight.

On that occasion, the witness said that he had shared the images because he wanted it to be seen “what is Froilán’s usual behavior” when he goes out at night. “They had a personal problem between them. The police came and separated them. Froilán was a little high, I don’t know if it’s his personality, but he was a little superior. His way of acting was very strange, but you can always get heated” then assured the young man.

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Froilán became one of the most controversial members of the Royal House when he came of age. Fights, girls, bottle nights, trips. After a very turbulent time, he handed over the baton to his sister, Victoria Federicawhich also began to emerge at night and then became influencer, make magazine covers and be the queen of the most glamorous parties.

Fights between Elena and her little brother because of froilán and Victoria Federica

It is far from the first time that the dismissal of the children of the Infanta Elena aggravate the already tense family relations within the Bourbons. Away already unceremoniously and for a long time Iñaki Urdangarinand to a certain extent of the infanta Cristina, the king philip and Letizia see the image of the Crown affected above all by King Juan Carlos, as we could see when we saw them together in London for the funeral of Elizabeth II. But in addition to the Emeritus, the children of his sister ellen they affect the image of the institution that the monarch tries to preserve. The busy social life of Victoria Federica. It has sometimes been the reason for disagreements between the infanta and the head of state. The sister of Froilan He has been exposed a lot in recent years, far surpassing his presence in the media to that of the most unruly grandson of Juan Carlos and Sofía.

Three years ago, when Victoria Federica started university and did not stop going from nightclub to nightclub, with the bullfighter Gonzalo Caballeroher first known boyfriend, and later with Jorge Bárcenas, from the Real home they called the infanta Elena to ask her to do something about it.

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The first-born of the emeritus was not amused by this wake-up call, and she phoned her brother Felipe directly, with whom she starred in a tremendous phone fight. It was a very risque conversation, with reproaches and allusions not only between the brothers but also against Doña Letizia.

On the other hand, the evident rapprochement of Doña Elena towards her father, with continuous visits to Abu Dhabi, does not bring her closer to Felipe VI either, who seeks by all means to distance himself from the scandals that surround the Emeritus. Now Froilán, with a new nightly row, has again set off sparks between the brothers. The eldest daughter of Don Juan Carlos starred days ago in another embarrassing scene before the press when she rudely demanded that the reporters address her as “Doña Elena”.

The daughter of the emeritus kings suffers from her father’s exile and the problems with her two sons. All this creates an anxiety out of the ordinary. And that’s why she gets so angry. The firstborn of Juan Carlos I She said “I’m finished” before the microphones of the reporters. she gets along fatally with her ex. As we already anticipatedon Ira de Furstenberg’s birthday in the Liria palace, weeks ago, he starred in an unpleasant scene with Jaime de Marichalar: They totally ignored each other. There was not even a simple greeting. The circumstances of life, the situation of her father and the difficult stage experienced by her sister Cristinaafter his breakup with Iñaki UrdangarinThey bill you. And her children don’t seem to help her fix the situation with her brother.