They impersonate the identity of Daniel Sancho on social networks: messages ‘from jail’ and unpublished photos

Just when we thought we had seen it all in the case of daniel sancho, reality takes a turn that makes our hair stand on end. The latest bizarre news affecting the Spanish chef and his family is the appearance of an Instagram profile that has impersonated Daniel and is posting unpublished photos and sending messages ‘from jail’.

The profile, which already has more than 1,300 followers, was created two weeks ago (the first publication dates from August 11) but its activity has increased significantly in the last few hours. The Sancho family spokesperson in Spain has been quick to deny that it is the real Daniel who is behind said publication. She assures that It is a case of identity theft and that the lawyers are already working on it.

The images, taken from Daniel’s real profile and which is now deactivated, show Rodolfo Sancho’s son relaxing on the beach, having a Hawaiian party with his friends or dressed as the Joker. The locations are Koh Pah Nghan, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket, all of them in Thailand, as well as Fuerteventura, where the actor has his family home.

But not only that: the false Daniel Sancho is using ‘stories’ to send messages, supposedly, from prison: “In Thailand the police are very bribable. Everything that is said on television is a lie. The truth is that I have many things what to say”, says the first of them. “They are saying that they don’t let me use a cell phone in prison. FALSE. I have been able to communicate even with journalists. The police let me use it for 10 minutes.”