They claim that Mayte Zaldívar has married Julián Muñoz to be her front man: “There is money here outside of Spain”

The news surprised everyone and everyone this weekend. We knew that Mayte Zaldivarwho is in a romantic relationship with Fernando Marcos, has remarried Julian Muñoz. They did it on January 30, after 17 years apart. This Sunday they celebrated with a number of guests that barely reached twenty. It must be remembered that the former mayor of Marbella is in a very delicate state of health.

After the media war they waged over the Malaya Case, the tables have changed in recent years. However, after the wedding, few of us imagined this twist in the script: “I don’t think it’s because of the pension, but because of what may happen”Gema López left in the air this Monday in Public mirror.

In this sense, Pilar Vidal has drawn her own conclusions: “[Mayte] He is going to act a bit of a front man. And that’s why he went to prison. “He prefers to leave his children a better life.”. Lawyer Monte Suárez has pointed out: “The pension is four dollars, which I would even have to share with Isabel Pantoja if she met the requirements for it”. And he has pointed out: “There is money here outside of Spain”.

Vidal explained: “They had accounts with a Swiss bank based in Gibraltar.” And when asked by Gema López about “how this money can be mobilized” in the event that “something happens to Julián”, Montse Suárez pointed out: “You can expect a tax amnesty to repatriate the money (…) You will see how In the will he leaves her the third freely available and the widow’s usufruct.

The state of health of Julián Muñoz

The ex of the interpreter sailor of lights live very delicate moments. Suffering from serious health problems for several years, at the end of March he requested voluntary hospital discharge after spending three weeks in hospital. Since then, he has been in outpatient treatment. On one of his short walks, the former mayor of Marbella confessed to having “a rampant cancer“. A couple of weeks ago, Zaldívar talked about how he is in From Friday!:At the moment he does not want to die because he says he is in one of his best stages. She forgot her family, but she never lost it. He’s taking advantage of the last few seconds. There are days that are difficult because you have a strong treatment“.

Julián Muñoz barely spent five years in prison due to his delicate state of health. Two and a half years ago he was paroled for “serious and incurable illness”.

Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar

Mayte and Julián signed their divorce in 2007 and it was, of course, not a kind separation. He had left everything, his wife and his daughters, for Isabel Pantoja, and Mayte had a media tour with which she left no stone unturned. Life takes many turns. “They were married before a notary. You must prove that you have been registered with your partner for the previous two years. A certificate from both of you that they have lived in the same house. Apparently, Mayte’s real boyfriend lives nearby, next door.” from where they issued the registration certificate, so there was premeditation,” Montse also said.

Zaldívar’s boyfriend also spoke out on the matter this weekend in a message to Makoke: “I am not going to speak out or participate in this type of content. After 21 years of hearing atrocities about myself, I decided to leave. I only ask that the media to forget my number, my name, my face and that I exist.