“They bled me”: the reason why Victoria Beckham has made a decisive decision about her body

Victoria Beckham She had some tattoos related to her husband engraved on her. She made the decision to take them off and this fueled the rumors, which have always been present, of a breakup. As the designer herself has explained, nothing is further from reality.

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“I had those tattoos done for a long time and the truth is that they were not particularly delicate,” said the wife of David Beckham in an interview on NBC.

He thought about the decision, but finally decided that it was the best thing to do: “Mine were a little thick and sometimes they bled a little. They weren’t that pretty, to say the least. They just didn’t look that good.” [como los de su marido e hijos]. It means nothing more than that.”

In this way, she has categorically denied the rumors of separation: “The media began to speculate if I was going to leave my husband. Of course not. I was just a little tired of that tattoo. As simple as that.”

The wedding of the firstborn

After more than twenty years married, four children together and a lot of rain, few were those who bet on their marriage in the beginning. Recent times have been marked by the wedding of his eldest son, Brooklynwith the billionaire family model Nicholas Peltz. “It was a beautiful wedding. As a mother, seeing my son so happy means a lot,” she explained.

With her words, Victoria has also denied the rumors of estrangement with her son. Some rumors that have surfaced in recent months and that the family also tried to settle a few weeks ago, when her son and her daughter-in-law were by her side at Paris Fashion Week. The alleged family problems began last spring, shortly before Brooklyn said “I do” to Nicola.

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According to international media, the eldest son of the Beckhams has made personal and professional decisions under the influence of the young heiress and her new family, to the point of changing his last name and adopting Peltz. A behavior that made his parents very angry, who tried to smooth things over in the summer by inviting his son and Nicola to spend a few weeks on family vacations, but they rejected him.