They assure that Tamara Falcó “wanted to plagiarize a dress exhibited in New York”: her war with the designers

This Tuesday, May 16, we have found the surprising statement from Sophie et Voilà, the Bilbao firm that was in charge of designing the wedding dress for Tamara Falco. Less than two months after her wedding to Inigo Onievathe Marquise de Griñón’s plans have been messed up.

“We feel a deep respect for the artistic creation of other colleagues and our business ethics prevent us from crossing certain limits that would jeopardize the original authorship of the design. For this reason, and for the respect that we deserve for the originality of the work of other haute couture brands, we cannot comply with certain demands of Ms. Falcówhich from the beginning of the relationship we have discouraged and refused to carry out because it was too close to designs outside our firm”, explained the managers of Sophie et Voilà in their statement issued to the media.

Leticia Requejo, in Ana Rosa’s programhas given more details: “A few days ago, in a test, Tamara proposes to make a carbon copy of a dress exhibited in New York, at the MET. They have been meeting for several months and with two ideas on the table practically finished. The surprise on the part of the designers comes when Tamara disagrees.”

The mark, then, “refuses to plagiarize a design that, I repeat, is not his. The designers propose other ideas. They are open to other proposals from Tamara and to modify the designs that began to be made”.

However, adds the journalist, “Tamara delays them, there is no communication and that is when this morning the firm decides to break by sending a burofax to Tamara Falcó herself. Tamara is already with the stylist Cristina Reyes considering what to do. It gives me the feeling that he will shoot for one that is already made because at this point it cannot be made from scratch”, Requejo has sentenced. In the Mediaset program they have found the only wedding dress currently on display at the MET, style romantic, although they have not confirmed that it is this model. Minutes later, they have assured that he wanted to be inspired by a Chanel design.

Alessandro Lequio has also given his own information: “They are a first-class firm and they have felt treated by Tamara like neighborhood dressmakers, and they have not accepted being treated like neighborhood dressmakers. If Tamara does not accept the model they propose, then let him go.”