They assure that Daniel Sancho sleeps in the infirmary module of the Koh Samui prison “for fear of harm”

The trickle of information continues about how the days of daniel sancho in the Koh Samui prison, where he has been in provisional prison since August 7 after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta.

As stated vincent cachorepresentative of the Spanish Embassy in Thailand, in This is lifethe son of Rodolfo Sancho he is isolated in the infirmary module of the prison along with four people “because he has a herniated disc”.

Silvia Bronchalo, mother of Daniel Sancho, travels to Thailand to meet her son in prison

However, the real reason for his isolation would be another. According to what they say in Summer party This Saturday, Daniel is kept in that room “for fear that he might hurt himself.” “They say that he is in low spirits,” they say in the Telecinco program.

It should be noted that Cacho revealed that the young man “is aware of everything that is happening” and that he is also concerned about “the coverage that the Spanish media are doing on the case.” In fact, he has advanced: “He will probably offer statements to the press eventually”.

Sancho has already received visits from his mother twice, Silvia Bronchaloin prison. Soon he will also receive his father’sthat as its spokesman has assured, Carmen BalfagonYou are already preparing your trip to Thailand.