They assure that Daniel Sancho jumped euphorically into the hotel pool hours after the alleged murder of Edwin

We continue to learn data on the movements that daniel sancho carried out in Thailand after allegedly killing and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta44 years old, last Wednesday, August 2, in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan.

A neighbor of the bungalow where the crime was committed has assured how he saw Rodolfo Sancho’s son less than 24 hours after the alleged murder. He assures that on the day of Edwin’s death he did not hear strange noises, but that hours later he noticed Sancho Gracia’s grandson especially euphoric in the hotel pool.

“From three to four he was jumping into the pool and having a very loud conversation. I don’t know if it was on the phone or with someone because I can’t see him from my house… But, in my opinion, someone else was there or was talking and drinking alone”. As they have pointed out in the program, due to the noise, the neighbors were about to even call the police.

This Tuesday a press conference of the Thai authorities on the case will take place in Thailand. The criminological office hired by the family of the alleged culprit has revealed this Monday on Telecinco that his parents, Rodolfo and Silvia Bronchalo, have only been able to speak “for a few seconds” with him from Spain: “Our main job is that Daniel is not sentenced to death penalty and try to mediate as the rest of the families do so that he comes to Spain as soon as possible,” said Ramón Chippirrás.