They ask that Antonio Tejado be released from prison on bail of 100,000 euros: displeasure for María del Monte

Unfortunately for María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal the freedom of his nephew Antonio Tejado It could be closer than he would like, since the case of the robbery at his Ginés villa has taken a new turn after a change of mind on the part of the Seville Prosecutor’s Office. Thus, after opposing on two previous occasions the defense’s request for the release of those allegedly involved in the assault and robbery that took place in the early hours of August 25, 2023, the Seville Prosecutor’s Office has finally relented.

This same Monday, May 13, he presented a document before the Investigating Judge number 16 of Seville to request for the first time that the singer’s nephew be released from prison, on bail of 100,000 euros. Such a figure would also have been determined for Arseny Garibyan’s bail, while for the other four alleged suspects the figure proposed for their release would be 50,000 euros. The news is a new setback for María del Monte, who undoubtedly prefers that all the robbery suspects remain in jail while the instructions of the case are concluded and the trial date is determined.

Three months in prison

The six investigated for the robbery have already been in prison for three months, but the change of attitude in the Prosecutor’s Office would come because they have estimated that the circumstances to maintain the provisional detention measure have changed, since the investigation of the case is practically completed, in the absence to be able to provide the assessment extracted after the dumping of the ten mobile phones of the suspects intervened in the investigation. Now, the Prosecutor’s Office understands, other less burdensome measures must be taken than leaving them in prison to guarantee that they are brought to trial. These would be: regular appearances by Antonio Tejado and the rest of the suspects in court, the withdrawal of the passport and the express prohibition of approaching or communicating in any way with the victims, both with María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal and with the rest of the people. that at the time of the robbery the following were inside the chalet: Damaris, the housekeeper; Inmaculada’s daughter and her husband.

But all is not lost for the singer. Faced with this new request, it is now her turn to move the file to María del Monte through her lawyer, Francisco Baena Bocanegra, which will influence the judge’s final decision. It is not surprising that they once again present a plea to avoid the release of Tejado, as they have done previously, because as they have previously indicated in writings to the magistrates, the indications that incriminate him are not based on mere assumptions but on a brilliant criminal investigation carried out by the Judicial Police that leaves no doubt about his participation as the alleged mastermind of the robbery.

New setback

The new setback has come to María del Monte’s life after the contents of the safe located in her bedroom that the singer was forced to open on that fateful night last August became public on the Fiesta program due to the violent imposition of her robbers. : in it, apparently there were 14,500 euros in cash, high-end watches – a Hublot valued at more than 32,000 euros and another with sapphire crystal that was close to 24,000 -, a diamond ring worth more than 10,000 euros or some earrings those that the singer had great appreciation for, which reach a value of more than 28,000 euros.