They already put the ‘band aid’: the City, from “team” to “the weakest of Pep”

The Real Madrid was paired with the Manchester City and the bigmouths that talked about 'hot balls' got into a cave. The current Premier League champion is 22 points behind the Liverpool lead after wrecking against José Mourinho's Tottenham.

Ederson, Walker, Otamendi, Fernandinho, Zinchenko, Rodrigo, Gündogan, De Bruyne, Sterling, Mahrez, Agüero, Bravo, G Jesus, Bernardo, D Silva, Cancelo, Foden, Garcia. It is the call you have had at your disposal Josep Guardiola to measure yourself at Tottenham. Almost nothing to the device. A true constellation of stars, based on a booklet, and that from the journalistic sector have already begun to discredit.

From the creators of “el City is a team of fat people ”, when they were measured at Real Madrid in 2016,“ the Juventus is already finished ”, when measured in 2017 or“ the PSG without Neymar he loses a lot ”, who released him in 2018. We can even add contempt to the Liverpool in the Kiev final, a team he already beat Zidane, and now they are on everyone's lips. Multitude of examples. It is what has to go through the hands of the white technician. If you measure yourself to meringues you will go from being a “equippedor ”to a group that can aspire, practically, for the permanence of his league.

The journalist Fernando Ajenjo has been the first to come to the fore with a shameful comment of discrediting the Manchester City, even if they don't worry … it won't be the last one: “The City lacks quality everywhere. He barely has differential players, except Kun and De Bruyne. All it has is the positional advantages in attack that Pep gives them from the board. In everything else, many problems. Looser Guardiola team with difference“, wrote. It's up to the next ‘enlightened’ … 2020-02-02