They affirm that Kiko Hernández will make the leap to TVE: he already has the contract on the table

Capital surprise in Save me with the future of its tertullians. The flagship of La fabrica de la tele says goodbye after 14 years on broadcast on June 23 and this Tuesday they have invited two psychics to predict the job offers they will receive from now on. The best of all, for Kiko Hernandez: “What I channel is that it would be another channel that has nothing to do with Telecinco.”

The clairvoyants, Montse and Nerea, are clear: “I think it’s on Spanish Television and you’re already there, I don’t know if you’ve just signed. And you don’t just have that offer, there’s more than one offer”. The interested party asked if he would return to Telecinco in the future: “At the moment, no. It will take a long time. Years.”

The clairvoyants’ predictions aroused the most ironic and joking side of Jorge Javier Vazquez: “Are they going to call you to screen or for administrative work?”, he asked. “It’s a screen, it has to do with the work that he is doing and that he also does it very well. I have to say that in this program you will succeed. It is a program that I channel that is new and you are going to be very successful.”Montse responded, somewhat annoyed: “Don’t take it as a joke. I take it very seriously because my work is very important.”

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Jorge Javier, however, continued: “With all that has been involved with the closure of this beach bar, it only remained for you to end up on TVE, the television that we all pay for. Come on, you couldn’t leave the house, you already I say so”.

Matamoros, to sports

The seers have also predicted the success of another Kiko, this time Matamoros. “He is going to do something related to sport, it is possible that he already has the offer. And it will be at Mediaset”They have said.

Blacker they see the future of Adela González, one of the latest additions to the program. The Basque journalist gambled by changing registration (she came from News) and despite the fact that her evolution and her work have been impeccable at Mediaset, the change has not gone well for her: “She will not return to News. She has it more complicated” Montse and Nerea have said.