They activate the coronavirus protocol in Valladolid by a woman from China

The Ministry of Health of Castile and Leon has activated on Monday night in Valladolid the welfare protocol provided for a possible case of coronavirus upon receiving a warning from a woman from China who had “nonspecific” symptoms, although compatible with this viral infection .

As reported by the Ministry in a statement, the patient, who had signs and symptoms of “high alcohol intoxication and an attitude not collaborative with the care and public health services,” would have returned from Shanghai (China), an area that is not It is among the provinces where quarantine has been declared a few days ago.

However, its clinical situation, its state of intoxication and its “lack of collaboration” when preparing the epidemiological survey, as well as the need to preserve greater safety both in the field of Public Health and with health professionals who have attended it, have made it necessary to transfer to the University Hospital 'Río Hortega', in the Valladolid capital.

For this, means of the Health Emergency Management Department have been used, in accordance with the established occupational safety and individual and collective protection protocols.

From the Junta de Castilla y León, they have stressed that the Río Hortega Hospital has the necessary human, technical and infrastructure resources to address and manage these types of situations, with its professionals having both the necessary training and experience in epidemiological alerts. .

Once in the hospital complex, the patient will remain in an observation situation and in hospital isolation; At the moment, this situation has not been declared as a 'case under investigation' pending the clinical evolution of the patient and her attitude towards the assistance and epidemiological services.