These simple drawings of animals from photos have conquered Twitter

  • Sometimes animals star in funny situations
  • This user recreates the images with minimalist works
Image: Twitter / animaidrawn /

Animals are very peculiar beings who earn our love with their way of behaving. If sometimes we can see wild animals acting in a curious way, this same situation is multiplied with our pets, since we can find them in the most funny situations.

The Animal Drawn Twitter account has found the best way to portray pets in these types of situations. This user is responsible for recreating photos of animals with the most unusual poses, with minimalist drawings that have already achieved great popularity in the bluebird's social network.

Among the animals protagonists of his works of this user we can find cats, dogs and even hedgehogs, among other animals. To recreate them, this artist simply uses a couple of lines, thus achieving a very real and funny representation of the animals.