There will be no corridor from Atlético to Madrid: “It smells of humiliation”

Atlético wants to put an end once and for all to the runrún around the corridor to Real Madrid. The club has decided that it will not be a participant and that tribute will not be given on the pitch of the Wanda Metropolitano. The official position is very forceful: “Some want to convert what was born as a gesture of recognition to the champion into a public toll that his rivals must pay, also impregnated with the aroma of humiliation.”

The entity, somewhat fed up with certain comments, uses very harsh words to refer to this debate: “Under no circumstances will Atlético de Madrid collaborate in this attempt at derision in which the true values ​​of sport are completely forgotten and tension and confrontation are encouraged”.

From the entity they allude again to some precedents, some very close. At the beginning of this season, Celta decided not to make a corridor and there was no controversy, neither from Atlético nor from outside. “Atleti is the last league champion. Does anyone remember any controversy about whether they should receive a corridor from their first rival after winning the title? No, because there was no debate”, they analyze, to which they add: “We have been involved in several similar situations in recent years after winning different titles, including two Leagues, and on some occasions there was some kind of tribute by the rival team to our champion team and on others not, but never was such an exaggerated and artificial expectation or controversy generated as the one we are experiencing in recent weeks.

“The goal cannot be to create tension and make the atmosphere rarefied. We received the corridor in the first game we played as locals, by Elche. Naturally, gratefully and, obviously, without any demands”, is another of the arguments, to leave a final conclusion: “It is just as important to know how to lose as it is to know how to win. At Atleti we do not intend to impose anything on others. It is clear that we have another way of understanding life”.

Some footballers, specifically Giménez and Oblak, already slipped in Bilbao that they did not really want to be part of the corridor. “We respect our fans,” said the centre-back. The club thinks the same and does not intend to participate in this “attempted mockery”, according to comments from the club to clarify the position and settle the debates.