“There will be criticism”: the photo with which Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz turn on the networks

Criticism goes out one ear and out the other. It’s something she’s learned to do Cristina Pedroche over time. This Thursday, the presenter shared on social networks one of the most “risky” photos of her with Dabiz Muñoz. Not because we say so, but because she herself predicted a wave of negative criticism that ultimately did not come.

He published the image on the occasion of International Kissing Day: “I was not going to upload this the first because I already know that there will be criticism and blablabla. But really, this is my profile, it is my house, I do not want to lose the freedom to make and upload whatever I feel like. So long live the day of the kiss, with my favorite kiss and my favorite person.”

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In the photograph, both appear melting into a passionate kiss while he affectionately touches her pregnant belly and she rubs her tongue. Ironically, her husband wrote to him: “Oh Pedroche… What little decorum and what little shame… All day with his tongue hanging out, if that’s not the case…”. Anonymous users also left their comments: “Well, I don’t understand the criticism”, “Thank you for continuing to do what you want. This is how it should always be” or “Never lose your naturalness and joy”.

The presenter of the Antena 3 Chimes confirmed her pregnancy in December last year, shortly before a well-known magazine revealed the secret to her before giving out the twelve grapes at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The collaborator and the chef with four Michelin stars, married since October 2015, are expecting a girl.