There will be a 2024 NFL Draft. The Bears will pick first, and the Commanders will move up to pick second.

The time for waiting is now over. It’s over now. The Carolina Panthers will be given the first select for the 2024 NFL Game.

This is now official. This means that the Chicago Bears are going to select first in the next draft.

Ryan Poles, the executive vice president of the Bears, has known everything a front office boss could want to know about his work.

To get additional cash, the Bears did an arrangement in the 2023 draft. They now have it. Five of the previous seven matches have been against teams still in the running of the playoffs.

These include wins over the Detroit Lions, who won the NFC North, the Vikings from Minnesota, and the Atlanta Falcons.

What makes Chicago so good at the end of the season? What exactly a comeback quarterback that Fields has had since the second half of his season, when he hurt his finger.

Poles might continue to relocate Fields, so it’s good that his captain is ending his playing days on a high note.

It’s possible that Fields’ trade worth has gone up. If he is moved, Poles can gain draft capital and once more choose “his guy” to lead the team.

Also, the Bears still are a top-10 pick, even though they had a great end to the season. Poles might not be back in 2024 for sure, but ESPN says it looks like the general manager in his second year will.

Are any other people having a better start to 2014 than Poles? If the 2023 season ends, the Buffalo Bills or the Dolphins of Miami will find themselves in a race to capture the AFC east title.

At the identical time, brothers from other divisions may be fighting for better spots in the draft.

On the other hand, the Jets sit in eighth place and have the third pick. Bill Belichick might be leaving his job as head coach about the Patriots of New England after this game.

It’s for the squad he turned down when they asked him to accompany them to Foxborough.

With 75 seconds left in the first game during the season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers fell down for a while.

This put New York in this spot. It enjoyed a great safety who could keep any contest close, but a bad offense with no players who were able to play far behind Rodgers.

That’s why the Jets meet on Sunday: they want to show pride or move their foe up in their draft odds.

Right now, the Washington Commanders of the NFL are standing in the manner of the Dallas Cowboys claiming the NFC East title.

At the end of the game, the Eagles tripped, which gave the Cowboys a good chance to prevail, pass the Eagles, and thus prevent the NFC East from winning a back-to-back winner.

Dallas will not be resting all players, which means Washington will play with a lot of drive. The Commanders will either lose badly to the Cowboys when they visit FedEx Field, and or Washington will pull off a huge upset win over the Cowboys.

These two don’t match. With a win over the Giants and a loss by Dallas, the Eagles will take the NFC East crown again.

But if Washington wins, it might miss losing the second pick of the draft. That would mean its best chance to a long time for a star player. It’s clear how mathematics works.

A few elements have changed since the last draft. Almost everyone I work with agrees that Fields will depart Chicago, Illinois, even though his name was loudly cheered during the Bears’ 37–17 win over the Saints on Sunday.

Poles should first think for himself and the team. Nate Tice of Yahoo Sports says the Bears could have taken Caleb Williams from USC with the first choose, but they instead chose Drake Might from North Carolina. If you are unaware of Maye’s game, think of Josh Allen.