There is no truce: Rocío Carrasco's new zasca to Antonio David on her son David's 25th birthday

David Flores He turns 25 this Friday, December 15. It has been 7 years since his relationship with his mother has been broken into a thousand pieces, since we must remember that the young man made the decision to move in with his father when he came of age. Since then, his parents have been involved in the media and also in court, among other issues, over the young man's support.

Dew Flowershis sister, was the first to congratulate him on social networks: “Happy birthday and happy life to the most special and important person in my life. 25 years old boy! Never miss me. Always with your hand. I love you”, wrote Ro in the early hours of this Friday.

Anthony Davidfor her part, shared a message of support left by a follower, in which she names her two children: “The year is coming to an end and one of the best gifts is to see you smile. See Rocío Flores blossom with successes Every day, see David Flores overflowing with joy, may the little one be the bell of your days and may your light, even if it is blinding, be the one that shines the brightest,” they wrote to him.

The reappearance of Rocío Carrasco

Rociito, for her part, reappeared this Thursday in the Blood ties that TVE dedicated to his mother, Rocío Jurado. The universal heir of 'The Greatest' spoke of the immense cultural legacy that her mother has left behind: “She was super insecure, but when she went on stage, Rocío Mohedano ended and Rocío Jurado began”. He also talked about the meaning of some of his songs, such as That man (“He's a big fool, a conceited stupid…”: “That song wasn't for Pedro [Carrasco]the thing is My mother was a futurist and she made the song for later. That spiteful dwarf“. To a good understander… “What a joke”released Mercedes Milá, who participated in the public entity's program.

Judicial news

As we published on November 28, the Supreme Court has filed the complaint for mistreatment against the former civil guard definitively. It was the last cartridge of the daughter of The Greatest to obtain the support of justice and she has not obtained it: the judges have determined that there is no evidence to support her story and that there is no longer any appeal or possibility of reopening the case. cause.

However, his war in the courts has not ended, since the case for an alleged seizure of assets against a former collaborator of Save me. According to Rociito, Antonio David hid the fact that he had the financial availability to pay the amount of money he owed him (60,000 euros in support between the years 2011 and 2013) through maneuvers that have been described as “illegal.” He asks for four years in prison. The trial was suspended last July, because key evidence provided by Flores' defense had not been incorporated into the case. On the other hand, he is still serving the sentence against Rocío Carrasco for not paying support for her son over these years. This summer she was sentenced to a fine of 900 euros and to compensate the young man with 13,200 euros. However, Fidel Albiac's wife presented an appeal to the Provincial Court of Madrid.