There is no peace for Luis Suárez

There is no peace for Suarez. After appearing in Vigo with two saving goals that helped Barça away from home, where everyone has hidden this season while he saved the games of Leganés, Getafe, Anoeta or Cornellà, his weak match against Atlético de Madrid caused the critical sector to come out in a hurry, which considers that the Uruguayan should no longer play by decree and that he had a lot of time left on the pitch. Maybe the one that was not Antoine Griezmann.

The fact is that, after a simulation of going patiently with Suárez (34 minutes in Mallorca and 37 against Leganés), the Uruguayan said here I am and played the entire match in Seville (although Setién had said that he was not in a position to do so in the previous match), 84 minutes against Athletic, 80 'against Celta and, again, the entire match against Atlético de Madrid.

That he endured the entire game against the mattresses had a reason behind. Suarez had ended the Balaídos match very annoyingly. He did not like that, after the two goals, Setién took away. Still less after the tie. He considered that he should be on the pitch with 1-2. By gallons, experience and because he could have finished the game. Conscious of this, Setién did not dare to remove him from the field in the match against Atlético de Madrid.

There is debate with Suárez. For some, it is still essential and their numbers say so. Those of this season, where he has continued to be an important player away from home despite the operation, and those of his career at the club. Suarez is just one goal away from becoming the third top scorer in Barcelona's history ahead of Kubala. For others, his cycle has ended and he must leave as soon as possible to leave Lautaro Martínez free. Perhaps virtue is at the midpoint. Suárez is a player who can give great evenings, but at 33 he is not able to endure such continuous efforts and, if he plays an outstanding game on a Saturday, he will not be able to do it on a Friday.

At the moment, the melon of the future of Suárez has not opened, but with the future of Messi also on the table, everything is open. Let another year of Barça continue and finish the cycle with your partner, or leave now. Maybe heading to the Beckham franchise in Miami to play the MLS.