Thebes: “It seems good to me that Barça have ‘bowling’ outside of Spain if they are sanctioned without the Champions League”


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured this Wednesday that it seems “good” that FC Barcelona, ​​if it is sanctioned by UEFA for the ‘Negreira case’ without playing the Champions League next season, “play ‘bowling’ outside of Spain to enter and have less losses”, at the same time that he insisted that “this is not the moment” for arbitration to go on strike.

“They (FC Barcelona) will decide if they want to play abroad. If they want income, they will have to play ‘bowling’ (outside Spain) to enter. If it is to have less losses, that seems good to me. LaLiga would play it, they talk about Champions League dates , because legally it is impossible for them not to play in Spain or in another league”, Tebas assessed about the possibility that the Catalans play international matches before a possible sanction from UEFA for the ‘Negreira case’ that leaves him without playing in the Champions League.

However, the president of the employers’ association revealed that “at Barça no one contemplates not playing in the Champions League next season.” “Even we cannot say that they will not be there, it does not depend on us,” Tebas reaffirmed after the presentation of LaLiga’s annual Economic Report, before the investigation that the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee announced at the end of March on the Blaugrana club.

The leader was also asked about the possibility of PSG forward Leo Messi returning to FC Barcelona, ​​denying that LaLiga will have “wide sleeve” with the possible signing. “We don’t care about the name, although I personally would like it. They have to fit everything for what they want to do, be it one player or seven players,” explained Tebas, who reiterated that if he returns to Barça he will do so “charging less” than at the Parisian club.

In addition, Tebas valued the departure of Mateu Alemany from FC Barcelona, ​​since he is leaving his position as football director at the club. “Nobody is essential in the projects, neither in LaLiga nor in any estate. His departure will not diminish the relationship we have with Barcelona, ​​we will always keep it good whoever is there, it is an obligation. But you don’t have to get along, you have to comply the rules,” he said.

Finally, Tebas asserted that “this is not the time” for the Spanish arbitration to go on strike, after they warned this Wednesday in a statement of “drastic and immediate measures.” “It is not the moment with everything that is falling, I would not understand it. I do not think it is what solves what they propose,” he completed.