The Yébenes San Bruno and the EMF Aluche join the RFFM against violence in sport

MADRID, Jan. 23 (SportsFinding) –

The clubs Los Yébenes San Bruno and Escuela Municipal Fútbol Aluche showed Thursday their firm commitment to fight against “verbal and physical violence in football”, together with the Royal Football Federation of Madrid, after the racist insults a player suffered of Los Yébenes last weekend in Preferente Juvenil.

“With a joint official statement, and witnessing the president of the Royal Football Federation of Madrid, the clubs Los Yébenes San Bruno and Escuela Municipal Fútbol Aluche have shown their strongest commitment to fight against verbal and physical violence in football” , reports the RFFM.

The president of the Federation, Paco Díez, received this Thursday afternoon the first vice president of the CD Los Yébenes San Bruno, Julio Rodríguez, and the president of the EMF Aluche, José Francisco Cascales, where the communiqué was drafted and signed against Violence in football.

The meeting was also attended by the president of the Committee of Soccer Referees of Madrid, José Luis Lesma; the members of the Board of Directors of the RFFM responsible for the commissions of Integrity and Defense of the Minor and of Mediation Male Soccer, César Quintero and Guillermo Laborda, respectively, as well as the second vice president of Los Yébenes, Blas Ropero; and his secretary general, Javier Herranz; and the treasurer of the EMF Alcuhe, Agustín Pérez.

In addition to the statement, Los Yébenes and the Aluche School will stage this Saturday, January 25, their rejection of violence in football with a symbolic act in a league game that brings both clubs together again. “The players of both teams will jump to the field carrying a banner against the insults and violence in football. It will be from 9:30 on the football field of the Aluche municipal sports center,” reports the RFFM .

The reaction of both clubs and the Federation comes after last weekend the Madrid youth category was suspended a game because of racist insults to a player. “The sport of the Community of Madrid and the Royal Football Federation of Madrid are fully aware that verbal and physical violence is a scourge to eradicate in any sporting activity,” recalls the Federation.

“Good proof of this was the act that was held last Monday, January 20 at the Wizink Center where the 61 Madrid sports federations and the entity that brings them together, UFEDEMA, collected and signed the 'Manifesto Community of Madrid says No to Violence '”, Add.