The World Cup champions from Australia and New Zealand will receive more than 250,000 euros in prizes

MADRID, 8 Jun. (STATS Perform/dpa/EP) –

The soccer players of the team that is proclaimed champion in the Women’s World Cup, which will be held from June 20 to July 20 in Australia and New Zealand, will receive more than 250,000 euros each, according to the distribution established by FIFA.

Specifically, each footballer who makes up the World Cup champion team this summer will win a prize of 251,658.90 euros. In addition, each player who participates in the tournament is guaranteed at least almost 28,000 euros, while the average salary in world women’s football is just over 13,000 euros, according to a FIFA report published last year.

The global players’ union FIFPRO praised FIFA “for listening to the voice of the players” on the pay issue, and for ensuring a level playing field in terms of training facilities and transportation for the players at the tournament, compared to the Qatar Men’s World Cup.

A group of 150 players from 25 national teams – including players from England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland – had asked FIFA in October last year for a level playing field and a guarantee that at least 30 percent of the Prize money would be allocated to the players, as before the federations were not required to establish a minimum prize for the participants.

The global fund based on performance for the final phase amounts to 110 million dollars, more than triple what was offered at the World Cup in France in 2019. Thus, the soccer players will divide between themselves more than 44 percent.

“The confirmation of level playing field and guaranteed performance compensation per player at next month’s World Cup represents not only the result of tremendous global collective action by more than 150 national team players, under the umbrella of FIFPRO and its member unions, but a constructive negotiation with FIFA over the last few months,” FIFPRO said in a statement.