A few days ago, the alleged victim of Dani Alves He rejected his right to request compensation: “I am lucky to have good living conditions, and I do not want compensation, I want jail,” he confessed to his lawyer, Ester García López, as it has revealed this Thursday. Unfortunately, there are affected women who reject amounts of this type for fear of not being believed by society.

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The lawyer has given more details about the 23-year-old girl in it’s already noon: “He is receiving psychological support through a public entity, with treatment aimed at avoiding any type of infectious disease because a condom was not used. And pharmacological treatment to be able to sleep.”

Regarding his resignation from possible compensation, García López has detailed: “He looked at me and said: ‘Ester, I am lucky to have good living conditions, and I do not want compensation, I want jail.’ I told him: ‘I know , but he has the right to compensation.’ And she insisted: ‘I don’t want money, I want justice.'”

On the other hand, the defense of the young woman has explained that she did not consume excessive amounts of alcohol during the night of the alleged aggression, which favors the development of the case due to possible memory lapses that she could drag. The alleged victim remembers everything in detail, she even described an abdomen of the former winger to the authorities.

“Luckily, my client had practically not drunk, and this is important, because in cases of chemical submission – when alcohol and medication are mixed – there can be large memory lapses. In this case it was not the case, and it helped that the statement was persistent”, the lawyer pointed out.

Finally, he explained that he will respect the decision of his client, who for the moment remains firm when it comes to seeking justice: “If she does not want a deal, there is no deal. My fear is that they will begin to press from the media to that there comes a time when I say ‘I can’t take it anymore’. That’s why this excess of leaked information worries me,” he said.

The Brazilian player returned last week from Mexico, where he played with the Pumas, to accompany his wife, Joana Sanz, in one of the most difficult moments of his life, the death of his mother. Last Friday he gave a statement and immediately after was admitted to prison without bail. Days later, Alves took over the services of the renowned Catalan lawyer Christopher Martellwho has worked for Leo Messi to the family hill, among others. The coincident versions of the alleged victim, that of the witnesses and other evidence, such as the images from the security cameras or the biological samples obtained in the bathroom of the nightclub where the events occurred, can play against him.

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However, this Thursday, Alves’ defense presents an appeal before the Provincial Court of Barcelona to try to obtain the conditional release of his client. Her lawyer elaborates a strategy based on a contradiction of the alleged victim, who assured in the hospital that the soccer player had kissed her, but rectified in court.

Alves remains an inmate at the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona, ​​a facility to which he was transferred three days after his admission to Brians 1 and where he shares days with 80 other prisoners. His defense will request probation, offering the withdrawal of his passport, telematic bracelet and a considerable amount of money as bail and arguing that the risk of escape has been considerably reduced as his employment contract with Pumas de México has been terminated.