The wonderful life of Tamara Falcó when she turns 42: when the drop in the Euribor doesn’t matter a damn

Tamara Falco She turns 42 this Monday and celebrated it with a wonderful getaway with her husband. On Saturday, Spain tempers the social tension between the protests over the amnesty law, the placidity of the last weekend with good temperatures and other vulgarities of normal people, such as, for example, the expectation, in just over a month, of the most expensive Christmas dinners, the dream of a lottery that reminds us of this year’s announcement or the truce in high interest rates, those that make it difficult for many families to make ends meet. There is also room to plan the December long weekend, an opportunity to escape the routine and take a trip that we can pay in installments at El Corte Inglés.

Tamara Falco and her husband do not belong to that immense group of people who travel very occasionally. In fact, for them the exception is staying home. Inigo Onieva and the Marchioness of Griñón go on their honeymoon for a month or more and on their return they escape to Paris, to swim with sharks or wherever they want to take a few days of rest.

Their jobs do not enslave them nor do they subject them to rigid calendars that force them to closely examine the few gaps left by the working year. Maybe the daughter’s weekly date Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó in The Anthill forced him to come to the set on Thursday to collect the fortune he Pablo Motos It pays him to say anything that complements that usual cataract of compulsive “o seas” that punctuate his characteristic, almost touching eloquence.

Tamara Falco He is lucky: he is not a medical eminence, he is not a sports figure; She is also not a movie star nor has she married a Hollywood heartthrob or a bullfighter. But her intangible inheritance (her other inheritance is not negligible either) has given her the title of Marchioness of Griñón on her paternal side and very profitable popularity on her mother’s side. Preysler, the goose that lays the media eggs, the philosophical breed that makes it exclusive to Hola everything he does or gives Fast Pass infallible to win the Masterchef produced by the intelligent Macarena Rey. Everything goes smoothly: brands that pay for you to present the attic, the tile, or the dress designed by you. Who can resist a model designed by Tamara Falcó? After all, Mrs. Onieva was the most searched public figure on Google in 2022, surpassing Elizabeth II and Vladimir Putin.

The highest paid monosyllables on television

Just like Tamara Falco fall in love, go to Lourdes, come from Midnight Mass, want to be a mother, get married or have more horns than the bison of North America: everything is mega news that pays divinely and at the same time feeds so much the meat grinder of his facet of influencer, as his cache to get Pablo Motos out of him, although the Valencian sometimes has to scold him for speaking little: “Yes, today I woke up with monosyllables,” he told him in his last intervention to excuse his silences on set. He must have the most expensive syllable for the presenter and producer.

To celebrate her 42nd birthday ‘in advance’ or as an appetizer for her first wedding candle blowing, Tamara Falcó has shown off her visit to an exclusive London club with Íñigo and more friends. The aristocrat and her husband have not stopped since they got married just over four months ago. Thanks to her exhibitionism we saw the Marchioness of Griñón blow out the candle that was on a piece of cake that she had on the table. The chosen place has been 5 Hertford Street, a private restaurant-club located in Mayfair and where we have seen stars like Harry Styles, Mick Jagger o Leonardo DiCaprio. But above all the place is famous because there he escaped Meghan Markle to get drunk (that is to say) on the eve of her first date with the Prince Harry.