The Women's Cup of the Copa del Rey sailing will debut new features in 2024 in competition and logistics format


The Women's Cup, the exclusively female class of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE sailing, will face the implementation of a new format in the next edition of the regatta, both in the competition system and in logistical aspects.

As reported this Wednesday by the organization, one of the main novelties will be that, on this occasion, the one-designs of this class will be provided by the organization, which significantly reduces expenses and facilitates logistics for those crews who want to participate in the regatta.

“Without a doubt, this new model facilitates access for crews. Costs are greatly reduced and it is also a way to support women's sailing and teams that are already consolidated in other circuits currently being held at the national level,” said Manuel. Fraga, director of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE.

The competition format will also be different in this new Women's Cup as the teams will fight for the title, facing off in a round robin of all against all and in several eliminatory rounds until reaching the Grand Final.

“It is a very competitive format and one that is very popular. It is a way of sailing that is having great success and we believe that it can be the formula for the next few years of the regatta and for now this year we hope to exceed ten teams,” he admits. Fraga.

After two days of registration and measurements, the Women's Cup will begin its participation in the regatta that will be held in the bay of Palma on Wednesday, July 31, with the first of the four days of competition.