The woman who denounced Cándido Conde-Pumpido stands up to the judge: she does not appear to ratify her testimony

Surprise in the case of the ex Lara Dibildos, admitted since last weekend to a psychiatric hospital after an alleged suicide attempt. This Tuesday, the woman who reported Cándido Conde-Pumpido Due to an alleged sexual assault at her home, she was summoned to court to ratify her testimony before the magistrate but has not appeared. This is what Conde-Pumpido’s own lawyer has made known at the doors of the court: “He has not even justified why.”

New information has emerged from his police statement the day he filed the lawsuit against Conde-Pumpido. The report reflects a different version than the one she herself offered to the media shortly after. Firstly, she assured the police that the lawyer’s friends had abused her, something she later denied: “They sexually and physically attacked me, they saw that I had dried blood on my lip and on my head. I ran out and locked myself in. a room but Cándido caught up with me”.

He stated on television that he had met Lara Dibildos’ ex just two weeks before the events and that he had never paid him for his services, a different version than the one he offered at the police station: “We have known each other for several months and he always paid me up to the month of January. Not since then.

The complainant told the police that she arrived at Conde-Pumpido’s house after receiving an invitation from him: “I was with two other friends and they were partying, with alcohol and drugs. They all wanted to have sex with me and they took out their virile members.” Already in Cándido’s room, she was assaulted by the lawyer: “He attacked me with his virile member, with dildos and with a pumpkin. He attacked me both vaginally and anally.” He also claims that one of the windows in the lawyer’s bedroom was covered with cardboard and had a tube through which “a strong smell of marijuana” came in.

Conde-Pumpido, joined

The son of the president of the Constitutional Court remains admitted to a well-known psychiatric hospital in Madrid after having suffered an anxiety attack last Friday at his home. After the warning from a family member, four police cars and an ambulance showed up due to the possibility of finding an attempted suicide by Cándido.

The lawyer has had mental problems for years and receives medication for them, but the stress generated by the sexual abuse lawsuit and his time in prison would have aggravated all the symptoms. Finally, the family has decided that he receive intensive specialized treatment, a fact that has already been communicated to the investigating judge.