The whole truth about the wedding of Khali El Assir and Juan José Franco: from the illustrious guests to the stage

Several media insisted on ‘marrying’ in advance, three weeks ago, the daughter of the arms dealer and friend of King Juan Carlos with a great-grandson of Franco. At Informalia we denied that the event took place then and we already anticipated that the link would take place in the next few days. And so it will be. But the truth is that the spouses were married civilly, discreetly, a long time ago…

What comes now is the party. Everything indicates that it will be this weekend in Abu Dhabi and will have some luxury guests, such as Carmen Martinez Bordiu (groom’s aunt), King Juan Carlos (friend of the bride’s father, the weapons manufacturer Abdul Rahman El Assir) o Tamara Falcoclose friend of the bride, and who already attended her sister’s wedding in 2016 Alia Maria El Assir, in Gstaad. The emeritus was also invited on that occasion, although he declined the invitation.

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The wedding of John Joseph Franco y Khali El Assir It will be more discreet than Alia’s (there will be no private planes paid for by the family or three days of holidays or images of the Virgen del Rocío brought directly from Andalusia) although several hotels and recreational centers have been closed exclusively for guests. In addition, El Assir has made its entire security team available for the event. Precisely his protection and security is key and the reason why his daughter’s wedding will be ‘low’ profile compared to that of his sister in 2016, when Gstaad was paralyzed for three days. Abdul Rahman El Assir, of Lebanese origin, has had an arrest warrant and extradition to Spain by Interpol since 2019. Here, the Prosecutor’s Office claims for him eight years in prison and the payment of almost 90 million euros for having defrauded the Treasury. He also has pending accounts in Portugal, France and Switzerland.

His wife, and mother of the bride, is Spanish Maria Fernandez Longoria. Married in 1985 in Notre Damme (Paris), they have three children: Alia, Khali and Adil. They grew up in Madrid, in the elite neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, where they forged a very close friendship with the daughters of Isabel Preysler, with whom they shared school and vacations in Mustique (the island where Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco got married). This weekend’s star, Khali, studied at New York University and has built her career in high-end real estate.

The groom, Juan José, is the son of Francis Francoeldest grandson of Francisco Franco, and Maria Solves, daughter of the Marquises of Tamarit, separated since 1990 after nine years of marriage. Juan José moves in Madrid’s high society and is founder of hunstera company that organizes hunts in Spain, Africa and Argentina.