The war of Marta Riesco’s ‘farewell’ against Ana Rosa reaches the courts on December 13

Marta Riesco is already counting the days until the trial against the producer is held Unicorn Content, to from Ana Rosa Quintanafor his dismissal after being involved in some scandals and bizarre and even compromising situations such as sneaking into a live show. Save me to confront Cristina Porta, reporter at that time on the program, and later address Borja Prado, president of Mediaset, to tell her that they were harassing her since that program.

As you have been able to know Informalia, will be next December 13th when the former reporter Ana Rosa’s program y Fiesta He goes to court to face his former boss after filing a lawsuit for unfair dismissal. It was a “disciplinary dismissal”, as she herself was in charge of communicating at the same time that she announced that she did not agree and that she had decided to take the case to court: “I am not satisfied with the reasons that the company has alleged to dispense with my services, so I announce that the dismissal will be challenged before the Social Court.” And so it did. That is why in a few days it will try to make the judge see that there were no reasons to get fired.

Antonio David Flores’ girlfriend

Marta Riesco, at that time still girlfriend of Antonio David, She was fired in March of this year and in May the two parties met in the social courts to reach a conciliation and economic agreement. But they did not reach an agreement because the production company did not accept their requests. The real reasons for her dismissal are unknown, although apparently the behavior that Riesco was showing both publicly through their social networks and in the work environment, it was unsustainable for the production company.

For a time he dedicated himself to attacking from his social networks Save me, his presenter and his collaborators and even the network for which he worked, putting his company, the Unicorn production company, in a great commitment. For this reason, weeks before his dismissal, Unicorn left the program live to avoid another unfortunate moment like the one mentioned above in which he turned Borja Prado the protagonist of his live fight.

Even so, Marta was not aware that her behavior was not only harming her professionally but also compromising her company, which decided on a disciplinary dismissal. “I just want them to let me work. Work. I can not anymore. What have I done so bad? They are killing my hopes and all the effort I have made for fifteen years to be where I am. I’m not crazy, I just want them to let me work like I worked before.” But that was no longer possible.