The war between Luis Miguel and his ex intensifies: “There is no arrest warrant and he does not want to leave his children without food”

There is no truce between Luis Miguelwho in a few months will sing at the Santiago Bernabéu, and his ex, Aracely Arámbula. This November 15, Paloma Cuevas’ boyfriend had a hearing at the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City to respond to the complaint for support filed by the actress, with whom she has the children. Miguel y Daniel, 16 and 14 years old respectively. Finally, the singer did not show up and asked to postpone the appearance due to “unpostponable work issues.” However, more than two months ago, Luis Miguel deposited the outstanding payments plus a year and a half for each child.

After these news, the lawyer of the interpreter of La Bikina, Raquel Aguirre, has spoken out on the matter and clarified the point at which the situation is: “We seek the greater good of the minors: what had been pending plus an additional year and a half,” she said on Mexican television. In this sense, she adds: “Luis Miguel’s intention is not to leave his children without food. He seeks to see them, be with them and make sure they are well. He even collaborated in the dispute over the passports.”

At the same time, they assure that the actress has not collected the money deposited by Luis Miguel and explode: “We are looking for this to be fixed for the greater good of the children. Education, food, etc. Aracely does not want to collect the money, we do not know the reasons.” says the lawyer. In this sense, she insists that her client wants to know the reasons why the money has not been withdrawn. To do this, she has requested it in writing from the prosecutor’s office.

Regarding the alleged arrest warrant against the singer who caused so much talk a few months ago, the lawyer denies it again: “There is no arrest warrant nor is he going to be detained. He has every right to appear regarding what it is intended to be attributed to him. He has nothing to hide.” And she stated: “We are seeking to eventually have a rapprochement, to see their children, to live with them, now there is no judicial process open at this time for this issue.”

Aracely Arámbula’s version

The actress’s lawyer, Guillermo Poushas also spoken out on the matter and assures that Luis Miguel did not deposit all the corresponding money: “They deposit deposit notes or deposit deposit notes in court for the amount that they consider necessary and sufficient, but it does not mean that it is correct, It doesn’t mean it’s the one agreed upon,” he said in the program Windowing. Regarding whether Arámbula has been notified by the authorities, her legal representative denied that the actress has received an official notification.