The war between Jorge Javier and the PP for the presenter’s appointment with Mónica García (Más Madrid): “It doesn’t work anymore”

Jorge Javier Vazquez y Monica Garcia, the leader of Más Madrid, met this weekend in the capital and their meeting has raised blisters in the right-wing sector. The presenter, who in his publication attacked the Zendal Hospital in Isabel Diaz Ayusoreceived criticism from the Popular Party of Madrid.

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“Working with Mónica García. I have proposed that we rent the Zendal to celebrate Eurovision 2023. Let’s see if any of the millions (150) that were wasted to build that garage that is astonishing the world can be recovered,” wrote the presenter of Save me this Sunday on Twitter. García, for his part, added in another tweet: “Here, thinking of the best Madrid we can imagine.”

The PP attacked both, coming out in defense of the hospital created by the Covid pandemic: “8,400 discharges for Covid. 383 people treated in its ICU. 1,486 in the Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit. Almost 2M of vaccines. The best pandemic hospital of the world. Thousands of lives saved. The Zendal will be able to cure the Covid, what has no cure is the hatred of the left”, wrote the formation.

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The one from Badalona replied: “Honey, you don’t even tell the truth to the (paid) doctor. Happy week!” Not happy, this Monday he pointed out in another publication: “It seems that a certain sector of the right has been stung by the fact that Mónica García and I met in the Circle. Normal. The mantra ‘Year of reds, of lice’ no longer works. She had a coffee with milk and I had an Americano, that there are those who say that we spend I don’t know how much for lunch”.

The Mediaset presenter and the leader of the opposition in Madrid met in the center of the city to exchange views on current policies in the community, governed by the PP de Ayuso. Jorge Javier is a supporter of the PSOE, but he is open to other proposals from the left, and among his well-known politicians are also Yolanda Diaz, Adriana Lastra o Maria Jesus Monterowho even went a few months ago to see him at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid.