The vote of no confidence in Bartomeu, about to enter phase 2

'More than a Moció ', the platform that promotes the vote of no confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu and which was joined by three candidates (Jordi Farré, Víctor Font and Lluís Fernández Alá) and eight Barça opinion groups, you already have the 16,521 signatures, the magic number that represents 15% of the social mass and that allows to start the motion against the current president of Barça and its Board of Directors. At 9:00 a.m., a month that a Moció announced that it was already at 16,250 signatures and that it was only 271 signatures. With signature points at various points in Barcelona (Diagonal, Tuset), near the Camp Nou in L'Hospitalet (Travessera de Collblanc) and outside Barcelona (Esparreguera, Olesa), no one doubted that they will reach those signatures. Another thing will be that all are validated. Because now another game begins. Around 10:30 a.m., Més que una Moció already had 16,520 signatures. From now on, a notary will draw up the minutes and before 6:00 p.m., the signatures will be delivered to the club.

The club's bylaws clarify that “Within ten business days following the formal submission of the request, the Censorship Vote Table will be established, which will be responsible for promoting and controlling the entire process and that it will be made up of the following people: the first two partners who signed the application (Jordi Farré is the legal representative of the vote of no confidence filed against Bartomeu), two members of the Club's Board of Directors, appointed by the Board itself; and a delegate from the Catalan Football Federation, appointed by the Catalan Federation itself, and who will be the President.

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To check the validity of each signature, The Censorship Vote Table will take into account the total number of members entitled to active suffrage existing on the day of the presentation of the announcement of the vote of no confidence.. Once the Censorship Vote Table has been constituted, it will proceed, within a maximum period of ten business days, to verify that the request meets the requirements. The statutes clarify that “the Board may invalidate the supports that are not sufficiently accredited and may carry out the necessary inquiries to discover its authenticity.”

If the Board validates 16,520 signatures, the third phase of the vote of no confidence will be entered, that of the act of voting. The call for voting will be published by the Board of Directors in the manner indicated in article 43.2 of the bylaws (it will be inserted in the notice board existing at the Club's address and must be made public by means of the announcement at least in a newspaper of wide broadcast in Barcelona or by direct notification to members. Likewise, the call must be published on the club's website. It will also be communicated to the Catalan Football Federation) and at least five business days in advance.

The vote of no confidence will only be approved if it obtains the favorable votes of two thirds or more of the voters, provided that the number of these is at least 10% of the Club members.. In that case, the censored members of the Board of Directors will be automatically relieved of their positions. If the censorship does not obtain this majority, it may not be raised again for the same reasons until a period of one year from the voting has elapsed.