The Vikings lost in Week 18 and Kevin O’Connell didn’t pick a quarterback for that week.

Four different players have been used by the Minnesota Vikings this season. They’ve all played at least twice.

After the 33-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, coach Kevin O’Connell replaced Jaren Hall as the starting quarterback with Nick Mullens.

This is when he notified the reporters that his team hadn’t decided who would start at quarterback for Week 18’s game with the Detroit Lions.

It is the second instance this season which O’Connell accomplished that after both the Lions or the Raiders of Las Vegas lost.

O’Connell always picks the team’s starting quarterback with the middle in the week. The Vikings dropped badly against the Cubs 12–10 on Monday afternoon, or Josh Dobbs threw four picks.

So, offensive lineman Kevin O’Connell could not confirm for certain that Dobbs would start at quarterback whether the Vikings went to play the Oakland Raiders away after their next week off.

Someone asked O’Connell if he was going to change quarterbacks. He said, “We have to look at the sets that the have worked for Josh.”

“We brought health; you obtained Jaren (Hall) return for us, after and these Nick Mullens proved accessible as well.”

Who is going to play first against the Lions? Any one of those three guys could start, so it’s still not clear. Mullens looks like the best chance to win.

Hall is an ideal choice if you want to keep discovering what Dobbs can offer in the future. Dobbs represents a big changeup pitcher who could help the attack.

Don’t hold out too long; the answer will come soon. “We’re going to have a look at it,” O’Connell said after the Vikings had lost to the Green Bay Packers 33–10.

At the break, he took young Jaren Hall out the field to make room for veteran Nick Mullens. Which spot we choose will depend on how well it puts our players in a position to move the ball and win.

We didn’t do that tonight. While looking into it, every option is open. Hall received a pick in the fourth round during the 2023 draft, however he never made it through to the end of any of his four NFL games.

He missed a game to Atlanta to Week 9 because of a headache. He completed five out of ten strikes for 67 yards on Sunday night but dropped two balls.

When the Minneapolis Vikings were down 23–3, O’Connell took himself out of the game in the middle. “If I had picked a coach,” stated Hall, “I’d make an identical decision.”

Mullens had already been taken off the field by O’Connell after he dropped both of his previous starts to Weeks 15 and 16 and made six mistakes.

In those four games and the five games before that, quarterback Josh Dobbs had turned the ball across seven times.

O’Connell said Dobbs might see action in the game against Detroit on Sunday. For the Minneapolis Vikings to make it to the playoffs, they need to win and either the Packers as well as the Seahawks to lose.

They also need neither the Fighting Saints of Louisiana as well as the Buccaneers about Tampa Bay to lose.

Mullens has been particularly effective at getting the players going lately, but the Vikings’ offense didn’t work at all on Sunday.

Twelve in Mullens’s twenty-two throws went for a total of 113 yards or a touchdown. The Vikings did get 13 first downs and 211 yards, which was the fewest of the season.

“This doesn’t affect Jaren tonight,” O’Connell said. “It’s not about any one member of our team.” In the end, I need to do better for our group.