The video that Rubiales sends to FIFA: Jenni Hermoso’s teammates chanting: “Kiss, kiss, kiss!”

Luis Rubiales is cornered. With the suspension of FIFA on his head, the Spanish soccer leader provides a new graphic document to defend himself before the institution that has removed him from his position for 90 days, as he assures The Spanish. In the video the Red players appear on the bus, with the rush of the World Cup victory. Jenni Hermoso shows them on her mobile the incomprehensible kiss on the mouth given to her by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales. A colleague launches her comment: “Like Iker and Sara!”, Referring to the moment in which Casillas and Carbonero kissed at the World Cup in South Africa. The video is published by @Alvise_Oficial on his Twitter account.

The footballers are on the bus, in Sydney. They have just been proclaimed winners of the world. Jenni recounts how Rubiales kisses her: “My goodness! Excited, he comes and he has taken me like that”, he points with both hands to the moment when the manager grabs her on the stadium podium, hangs over her, hugs her and gives her plant the kiss “Kiss, kiss, kiss!” is heard singing in chorus on the bus. But whose?” they ask. “Rubi’s with Jenni, they’ve had a blast,” answers another player.

The aforementioned newspaper points out that this video is part of the defense strategy organized by Rubiales, ousted and removed by FIFA, after his resounding “I’m not going to resign!”, which he repeated up to five times at the RFEF headquarters in Madrid .

The National Court Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings against him for a possible crime of sexual assault. The prosecutor’s office offers Hermoso the possibility of denouncing the Spanish soccer leader for this alleged crime after the soccer player clarified that the kiss on Sydney’s mouth was non-consensual.

In addition, the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) analyzes from this Tuesday the 29th the request made by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to request the disqualification of the president of the RFEF for the kiss.