The unpleasant warning from the King’s bodyguards in Formigal: “If you take out your cell phone you will leave the restaurant”

Philip VI He traveled to Formigal this weekend to enjoy one of his great winter hobbies: skiing. He has done it with a group of friends and without his wife, Queen Letizia, who does not have white sport among his favorite activities. The monarch arrived in the Pyrenees on Friday night and stayed at the Aragón Hills hotel in the Formigal urbanization. He went out to dinner at the last minute accompanied by three friends, including Lopez-Quesada y Beltrán Gómez Acebo.

They went to Casa Martón, in Sallent de Gállego, in the town square. A small steakhouse, where you can eat very well for about 50 euros, and with very good product. Together they tasted local and homemade products such as pâté accompanied by tomato jam and Elarte pink tomato ice cream salad with anchovies and sheep cheese from the Ossau Valley. They finished with a good steak washed down with Somontano wine.

The next day they went up to the resort and enjoyed the best weekend of the season with sun and 100 x 100 of the slopes open due to the excellent condition of the snow. They say that the King queued for the chairlift like everyone else. However, they inform us that his escorts at mealtime again gave the note.

The head of state and his friends decided to take a break and enjoy lunch at the best restaurant in the station located at 2,000 meters of altitude, La Glera, a unique restaurant at more than 2,000 meters of altitude located in a small and exclusive cabin with capacity for very few people and which can only be accessed through a ‘ski ratrack’ (piste grooming machine) and by reservation. There they once again tasted grilled meats and good wine.

It was precisely upon his arrival at the premises when the conflict with his escorts occurred.

According to several eyewitnesses, the king’s security informed the rest of the diners that they could not take photos. “If you take out your cell phone, you’ll leave the restaurant,” they said. “The truth is that they were quite unpleasant,” they tell us. However, the monarch did not. “He even greeted us cordially and told us ‘take advantage’. Afterwards, he was chatting and laughing like any other group,” they assure us.

It is not the first time that bodyguards of Juan Carlos I’s son have been involved in this type of situation and not only with citizens, but also with paparazzi. Without going any further, just a month ago, on his last visit to Baqueira, as we already said. There the photographers who usually cover the station were surprised when they saw the King appear on the slopes and obviously when they noticed his arrival they began to do their job so as not to disturb them later. However, several of them told us that, as soon as the head of state’s bodyguards realized that there were photographers, they notified the Royal House. They claim that Zarzuela sent their photographer (or called the EFE agency) to break the exclusive. “To burst our work.” Several professionals maintain that it is a repeating pattern that destroys their exclusives.