The Unionist captain reveals the ‘advantage’ they have in Las Pistas

The city of Salamanca today is a party for football, and that is Unionists receive the Real Madrid in the sixteenth of the Copa del Rey in his stadium: The Tracks of the Helmántico. Despite the superiority of the white team, the players of the rival team are confident that they can complicate things for Real Madrid players, because they are clear about the advantage they have when playing in The clues.

A week and a day has passed since the draw for the Copa del Rey rewarded Unionists of Salamanca with the 'fat' of the Christmas, Well, just a week later and without time to reflect, the Real Madrid, recent champion of the Spain Supercup, would reach The Tracks of the Helmántico. Although it has not been an easy week for club leaders due to the problems of playing at the home team stadium, finally and if there is no setback, at 21:00 at night the ball will roll in Salamanca. (Real Madrid does not want to be news today at about 11:00 pm)

Louse, captain of Unionists, is clear that in The clues they can face Real Madrid: “If any chance we have to pass has to be in Las Pistas, that's for sure. The field is natural grass, but there the ball does not bounce like in the Bernabéu. We are used to throwing ourselves at the knee. “They have not had much time to prepare for the match, but nevertheless, for their part, he says he knows the opponent well:” I, who am right side, of the Left end to play, I know what your good leg is, what is the bad leg, I know how tall you are, if it goes well above or goes well below. We are tired of seeing them. ”

Being a veteran adds the captain of Unionists another advantage, and he already knows what it is to measure himself to Vinicius, because last year Unionistas faced the Real Madrid Castilla, and the Brazilian played the match: “If I play, I guess I will do it on the side and I don't know who will play, but I will try not to throw much up because when I played against him then he would take my back right away. “(News DC: the Unionists have taken a surprise from Madrid)