The unexpected confession of Isabel Díaz Ayuso: “Infidelity? Don’t let them tell me, I prefer not to know”

The president of the community of Madrid has left her office in Puerta del Sol to sit in the living room Vicky Martin Berrocal. The designer and former member of El Cordobés has released a podcast, Aloneand has delved into the most personal side of Isabel Diaz Ayuso: “I’m more shy than it seems. Every event before I go I’m always impressed to go, everything gives me a lot of respect and also since I have so much pressure there are times that it makes me retreat a little. I’m very free, very independent and it has made me I have always liked to take control of my life, and now there are many things that I cannot do.

At 44 years old, the Madrid politician confesses: “Before I was much funnier, much more cheerful, much more immature in everything and now I have experienced so many hard things and I have so much responsibility on top of me that I make a lot of efforts to lead a very orderly life and it is no longer the same.” Of course, she maintains her passion for seeing the world and traveling: “When You travel, you become you again. You do the usual normal things, you don’t dress up much… And I love seeing the world. The few savings I have always had have been for traveling.” Also gastronomy: “I like to eat well anywhere, from haute cuisine to tavern food. The nickname tabernaria has always seemed fantastic to me.”

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Díaz Ayuso, who suffered a miscarriage in July, shares her life with Alberto Gonzalez, a health professional whom he met in the middle of the pandemic. “I have suffered non-stop in love and we also fall again. It’s wonderful. “I would have preferred a fairy tale story of one for life and the same”. Before him, she had a relationship of several years with the hairdresser Jairo Alonso: “I would never forgive infidelity, I prefer not to be told about it, and I have never deceived anyone either. Happiness is in coherence. “If you are one way, you have to live that way.”