The two promises that the Thai police made to Daniel Sancho after his arrest are leaked

While waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to deliver the police investigation report to the magistrate and for the trial date to be set, Daniel Sancho He left Koh Samui prison for the first time this Thursday to give a statement. Meanwhile, new information related to his arrest in the Asian country more than two months ago has also been leaked.

According to Ángel Moya in Mornings, the Thai police made two promises to the son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo: “First, that they were going to extradite him quickly and that they were not going to accuse him if he collaborated with the Police.” According to the journalist, he also “told him that they were not going to accuse him of murder, only of reckless manslaughter due to a fight over alleged threats from Edwin Arrieta and that the police assume to be true.”

As we said, Sancho Gracia’s grandson was released from Koh Samui prison this Thursday to appear before the judge in the Samui court (southern Thailand). This is his first release from prison, where he has remained in provisional detention since August 7 after having confessed to the murder and dismemberment of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta.

Sancho Gracia’s grandson has given a statement without a lawyer. It must be remembered that he has been without a lawyer in Thailand since September 7, when his father, Rodolfo Sancho, dispensed with the services of Thai lawyer Anan Chuayprabat due to “discrepancies in the defense.”

Sancho, who could face a request for a death penalty, must have a Thai lawyer once the trial begins and, if he does not have one, the judge will assign him one ex officio. There is still no date for the trial. The magistrate will set it once the Prosecutor’s Office delivers the report of the police investigation.