The Turkish Federation wants a Champions League final with spectators

“The Turkish Football Federation has made a huge investment in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, where the Champions League final will be played. So our goal is to organize the final perfectly and that this contributes to representing our country well and receiving thousands of guests in Turkey. Of course, we want to organize a Champions League final that is played with the spectators. This is our priority. We can leave the final without fans of 2020 and we can organize the one of 2021 with the fans. It is one of the Federation's plans. Our board of directors and all of our professionals continue to work on this issue. I think we will obtain the best and most acceptable results in the following days, “said Ozdemir, president of the Ottoman association.

The Champions League final generates huge income for the countries where it is played. More than 100,000 British fans arrived in Madrid for the final match between Liverpool and Tottenham last year. The fans spent between one thousand and two thousand euros for accommodation in one night, food, transportation, etc. In addition, they paid a high amount for the tickets. You got to pay between 7,000 and 8,000 euros just for a ticket. Madrid earned 100 million euros in total.

On the other hand, UEFA is evaluating the plan to change the format of the Champions League to a four-team final, so that all matches could be played in the same city. Frankfurt and cities in Portugal try to opt for that organization. UEFA will make a statement on this matter on the 17th of this month.