The Turkish defense minister says an investigation has been opened into an Israeli soccer player.

The Turkish defense minister says an investigation has been opened into an Israeli soccer player.

Officials in Turkey have begun an investigation into Israeli football player Sagiv Jehezkel upon charges of “inciting individuals to harbor hatred and hostility” because of a gesture, according to Yilmaz Tunc, the minister of justice for Turkey.

“A judicial investigation was initiated by Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office towards Israeli football player Sagiv Jehezkel for ‘inciting individuals to harbor hatred as well as hostility’ due to his ugly gesture that promotes Israel’s massacre in Gaza after scoring a goal during the Antalyaspor-Trabzonspor Super Lig match,” Tunc said on the social media site X.

According to stories in the media, Jehezkel had been arrested and was being questioned, but these claims could not be confirmed right away. The Turkish Sports Federation spoke out against what it called a “troubling act” for the Turkish people.

Israeli player Jehezkel, 28, showed off his wrapped hand after scoring a goal today against Trabzonspor. The bandage read “100 days, 7.10,” which is a reference to the October 7 attack by Hamas and the number of days the prisoners have been held by Hamas.

Israeli soccer player Sagiv Jehezkel of Antalyaspor was arrested by Turkish police and will be questioned after showing support for people being held hostage by the terrorist group Hamas throughout a top-flight division game.

Late Sunday night, Yilmaz Tunc, the minister of justice, said that the Israeli is being looked into on possible charges of publicly encouraging hate and hostility in the public.

After getting the goal in a home game against Trabzonspor, the twenty-eight-year-old Israeli player showed off a bandage on his wrist that said: “100 days because the hostages were taken on Oct. 7.”

People in Turkey, where most people are against Israel’s armed activities in Gaza and mostly back the Palestinians, thought the move was rude.

In addition to suspending Jehezkel from the team, Antalyaspor said it was talking to the club’s experts about ending his contract.

Officials in Turkey said Sunday that an Israeli soccer talent was being looked into for “inciting people to hostility and hostility” by supporting his country’s war in Gaza against Hamas.

Antalyaspor player Sagiv Jehezkel got a goal within the final minute of their game against Trabzonspor in Turkey’s Super Lig. He is 28 years old. He then showed his wrist, which had the words “100 days” written on it. 7.10.”

On that date, Hamas sparked a large-scale terror attack against Israel. But Jehezkel’s action was called bad. In a message made on X, Tunc said that Jehezkel had done something bad to show support for the Israeli killings in Gaza.

“An investigation has been opened by the Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office with Israeli football player Sagiv Jehezkel for ‘inciting people to hatred and hostility’ because of the disgusting gesture he made in support of Israel’s killing in Gaza after scoring a goal in the Super Lig match between Antalyaspor and Trabzonspor,” Reuters reported.

“I deplore Israel’s strikes. For over one hundred days, they killed children, women, and the elderly without caring about them, which is a crime against humanity. A report from Israel National News says he said, “We will always stand from the oppressed Palestinians.”

In response to Israel’s attack on Hamas, President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “no different from Hitler.”

Blinken said, “I think they’re also ready to use their ties, influence, and relationships with some of the most important countries and players in the region to accomplish everything they can to calm things down and stop the conflict from spreading.”

“…it’s clear that they want to do the same thing we do, and I’m sure that they’ll do everything they can following these talks.