The truth of the vaunted reconciliation between Belén Esteban and Terelu: “She came to ask for my forgiveness”

Neither the European elections, nor Begoña Gomez, nor the final of Carlos Alcaraz at Roland Garros nor the drop in temperatures. The news of the week we said goodbye passed through La Finca, specifically the mansion in which the architect lives Joaquin Torres and her husband, the director of Survivors, Raul Prieto.

At their residence in the exclusive Madrid urbanization of Pozuelo de Alarcón they had an unforgettable party on Friday, inside and outside the house, around their pool, with candles, Acrobats dancing with giant hoops or the music of Brown sugar live, plus plenty of good food and drink and lots of well-known people. It was about celebrating life, and that the host had come out of the tunnel of his accident and his Torres hip operation, but also to compensate for headaches such as problems with his brother.

Among the countless attendees we found Cari Lapique, Sonsoles Ónega, William Levy, Nuria González and also Terelu Campos and Belén Esteban, who, between toasts and toasts, exalted their friendship, forgot their recent arguments and declared themselves friends again in the midst from the dance floor. Or that was what was seen with the naked eye, as we picked up this Saturday.

But the apparent reconciliation between María Teresa Campos’ first-born daughter and her mother Andrea Janeiro It is not exactly as it has been told nor as it seemed at first glance. The protagonists can say what they want but we have the obligation to publish the truth. And many of those who know them know that Belén Esteban is not always so spontaneous and transparent and that Terelu is sometimes faker than a piece of wood.

They always had their disagreements

They have always had their tugs of war, on the set of Save me and out. Without going any further, the last one uncovered it Belen Esteban just a few weeks ago when he went to the program Marc Giró, Late Xou, in La 2. On TVE, the People’s Princess he took his pleasure against his partner Terelu Campos, who currently works at La 1. It was when Marc asked him about the absence of his daughter Maria Teresa Campos in the new Manufacturers Studio space, Not even if we were shhh, which is currently broadcast on Canal Ten presented by Maria Patiño. “It’s neither here nor expected,” said Esteban angrily. But if he goes, would you open the door for him? Giró insisted: “Not me. When you have to be there, you have to be there. I respect that there are people who don’t want to because they have other expectations in their professional life. But they don’t expect it,” the mother of the first-born daughter sentenced Jesulín de Ubrique.

Of course, these words hit home like a shot. terelu, who answered in Mornings: “She is not waiting for me, but she is unaware of my conversations and the situations in which I have met and stopped meeting. I thought I had a good relationship with Belén Esteban, but I am used to my life being a Ferris wheel and few things surprise me. But Belén, aren’t your conditions the same as those of the rest of the collaborators? They never have been. When you don’t play with the same deck… it’s difficult,” said Carmen Borrego’s older sister.

Tremendous coldness: “She came to look for me to ask for forgiveness”

Well, after this, the collaborators, as we have already said, met again, last Friday, June 7, at the aforementioned Joaquín Torres party. It all happened like this: Bethlehem, intimate of Raúl Prieto, It arrived long before Terelu. She even sat that with Carmen Borrego and his family, who were also invited to the event because they also get along very well with Joaquín Torres’ husband for many years. But when Terelu arrived he neither looked at Belén nor greeted each other. The coldness between them was tremendous. So much so that each one stood at one end of the immense garden where the party was being held. And, in fact, we were even able to hear conversations in which (both) expressed their intention not to approach each other. And they did so for quite some time.

Terelu stood with some friends on the porch of the house and Belén next to the pool. “None of them wanted to get close to the other. They are both quite proud although it is true that Belén, in the end, gets the better of her heart,” a person who was present at the party tells us. “But Miguel did not stop insisting to his wife. He does not want his wife to have problems with anyone and she gives him good advice,” they explain to us. Thus, at a given moment, and after Belén toasted a little more and went up on stage several times to liven up the atmosphere, she decided to go down and go over to talk to Terelu.

It was then that an encounter occurred that Terelu has described in DHeart, through his colleagues: “She came looking for me to ask for forgiveness and I told him that the one who never changes is me. That when I love a person I love them and that’s it and I will always be there without harming them. It’s my priority. Afterwards, Belén started singing with the Alpresas and called me because I wouldn’t make it ugly to her by never coming to her,” reads the version given publicly by Belén’s mother. Alejandra Rubio. “It is true that they hugged each other, danced and told each other that they loved each other, but After that there was no more contact. They didn’t speak again. Belén went home soon, with Miguel, her husband, and Terelu stayed much longer.” What they do tell us is that Belén is happy that things were resolved with Terelu because these types of situations make her uncomfortable. We’ll see what she says on her show.