The truth of the indisposition of Leonor and Sofía on their trip to Asturias

The stay of the kings, Leonor y Sofiafor the delivery of Princess of Asturias Awardshas been finished off by the indisposition of the princess and the infanta, although, both the ceremony at the Campoamor theater, as well as the interventions of the winners, of the rey and of Leonor herself, they have been very brilliant and much applauded.

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The day after the ceremony, the Royal Family, almost in its entirety, visited Cadavedo, awarded this year as an exemplary town and there the absence of the Infanta Sofía called attention. Naturally and without hiding the reasons, it was revealed that the youngest daughter of the kings had gastroenteritis and had stayed at the Reconquista hotel in Oviedo trying to remedy her discomfort.

Leonor made the visit to the town with her parents but, as they toured the town near Luarca and stopped at different points in the beautiful Asturian town, she looked increasingly pale, although she maintained her composure. Until she, visiting a house, she could not contain the nausea and she asked to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t take it anymore and she had to return to the capital of the Principality, to the hotel where her sister Sofia was also having a hard time.

Joy she read her daughter’s speech in her place and did so with the naturalness of her profession as a journalist and presenter. “Anyone can get gastroenteritis, nothing happens,” the queen told the townspeople. Letizia promised that they would all return to Cadavedo together to complete that unfinished visit by her daughters.

The king and queen had lunch in Cadavedo and headed to the airport at half past four in the afternoon. Leonor and Sofía had flown before their parents, apart from the fact that father and daughters always travel on separate planes, in anticipation of any accident that could affect the succession, their discomfort made them want to go to Madrid to take care of themselves at home.

The opinion of an Asturian doctor who closely followed the stay of the king and queen in Oviedo is that Leonor and Sofía’s gastroenteritis was due to a virus that had surely affected them for days before. The princess and her sister ate the same as everyone else in Oviedo and no one got sick. They tried both the buffet that is served hours before the delivery, and the cocktail after the ceremony, which was attended by some 1,000 people and in which they shook hands with a multitude of attendees, so that they could not taste anything that was serving.

“Things that happen to anyone, what would Letizia say?” Leonor stays these days in Madrid, by the Todos los Santos bridge, before returning to her school in Wales and she will surely recover in time, to meet all the friends she had planned.