The truth about the eviction of Alejando, son of María Jiménez: from the statement to the witnesses

The son of Maria Jimenez He has been at the center of controversy for several days over an alleged eviction in the town of Guadamur (Toledo), where he lives with his girlfriend and two children. The landlords of the property stated that they had thrown out Alejandro Sancho for non-payments and that had left their house completely destroyed. He responded this Thursday to these accusations with a forceful statement.

“First of all, I have never been evicted from any place I have lived, neither judicially nor extrajudicially. Secondly, the news places this rental relationship recently, being completely uncertain, since my last home transfer occurred two years ago, living since then and until now in another home also in Toledo,” Alejandro argues. And he concludes: “Thirdly, and in the case of the home referred to in the news, “The relationship with the owners was cordial and friendly at all times, without any damage occurring to it at any time.”.

The news broke last Sunday on the program Fiesta and despite the denial of the interested party, sources of complete solvency insist this portal in ratifying the version of the landlords: “They kicked him out but it was difficult because he entrenched himself”. And they also confirm that the condition in which the house was left was not the best.

As we said, Alejandro lives in Guadamur (Toledo) with his girlfriend, Danae, and his two children, Julia and Alex. They moved from Ibiza before the coronavirus pandemic broke out (2020) and enjoy a quiet and practically anonymous life. The universal heir of María Jiménez has his 'headquarters' here and manages all of his mother's merchandise with the help of an agency. “If he has a good head, if he knows how to manage himself, he will be able to live without problems. And above all, with properties and savings,” people close to him have said. “His mother helped him with everything and with her absence, of course…”