The true link between Iñaki Urdangarin and the Vitoria construction company: “They have done him a favor”

This Wednesday it was published that Iñaki Urdangarin I would be working with Ainhoa ​​Armentia in a small construction company in Vitoria after photographs came to light in which he appeared entering early and leaving in the afternoon, for several days. However, his lawyer has denied it. “It’s not true, it doesn’t fit reality,” he explained. Mario Pascual Vives in a telephone conversation with Telecinco.

In this sense, the lawyer of Infanta Cristina’s still husband has explained: “There are only two people who can provide this information: Iñaki himself and myself. What he wants is to work and have economic autonomy, he will continue moving and fighting.”

The owner of the company has also transmitted a message through Jorge Pérez: “I want to make it clear that Urdangarin does not work in our company. He is a very good friend of mine and that is the reason why he comes. And I take it back, Ainhoa ​​is working there since July after going through a tough selection process.

After the information was published, the owner himself revealed that Armentia did not work in his company either, but after the commotion generated he ended up retracting it. He has even assured that after this media storm Ainhoa ​​was feeling that her job was “in danger” due to the media pressure received.

Pérez, for his part, added: “Iñaki has been going to this company for several months. The relationship that Iñaki has with the owner of this company goes back many years and what they have done is a kind of favor from friends to reserve a place for them. space”.

A few days ago, Iberdrola sources also denied us the signing of the former handball player for the listed company, as had been published: “Not 300,000 euros a year or anything at all.”

In March 2022, Iñaki left the Imaz&Asociados law firm in Vitoria, where he worked while completing his third degree and where his life changed when he met his new love. After him, he did an internship for a month at Barça, the club where he lived his glory years as a handball player and where he maintains great friendships. At the moment, we do not know of any work life.