The trompe l’oeil of Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna: they reappear together after their controversial breakup

They broke up last October after a year of love and a song to remember (‘Everything with you’). However, theirs was not a friendly breakup and hidden reproaches and poisoned darts soon arrived. The last one arrived just a few days ago with the new single from Alvaro de Luna, ‘Unknowns’, where he drops pearls like “I couldn’t just give such an important role to a bad actress.” Coincidence has meant that this Friday, the former couple, who do not speak to each other, meet again in front of all of Spain.

This Friday, Antena 3 has broadcast a new installment of The challenge in which Laura Scanes, a participant in the previous edition, returned to offer another of his impressive artistic choreographies before an exceptional spectator: Álvaro de Luna. The singer participated in the program to help his friend Adrian Lastra in one of his tests. The moment has been surreal, because when the delivery was recorded, Laura and Álvaro were dating.

“I save my assessment. For some strange reason, I have seen some very beautiful chemistry and I would like Laura to do the assessment for whatever reason,” Juan del Val joked after the challenge of Adrián Lastra and Álvaro de Luna. The influencer herself has followed the joke: “I’m going to be super objective,” she said with a laugh. “I liked it a lot. You did very well,” she commented to her then boyfriend.

Shortly after, the tables turned and he was the one who had to evaluate the model’s performance: “I’m very nervous, as if they were going to score me. I have pain all over my body and bruises too. In the end, it burns,” he admitted. When he finished it, everyone applauded: “How lucky your boyfriend is!” Mario Vaquerizo shouted. Roberto Leal wanted to hear the singer’s opinion first. “Be good,” Laura asked him. “He was very nervous, but because I also had a hard time watching the stunts. He was impressive. He was brutal,” she said. “He is very hardworking and he has talent for everything he wants. Congratulations.”