The triumph of the German ‘more than a club’

“We are also more than a club,” he stressed. Peter Fischer to the newspaper Ara before the tie against FC Barcelona. The leader of Eintracht Frankfurt He welcomed the idiosyncrasy of the German team and its parallels with the Barça club, with whom it has several similarities and which it eliminated on its way to achieving the Europa League.

Eintracht beat the Rangers at the end of Sevilla and won his second Europa League of its history 42 years after that of 1980, then called UEFA Cup. The entity of Frankfurt It has made itself known in style, winning the title and proclaiming its social and multicultural values ​​wherever it has gone.

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Because the unity can boast of being the ‘more than a club‘ from Germany. It was founded in 1899, the same year as Barcelona, ​​and like the culé team, it boasts of being a multidisciplinary club, with sections ranging from football to ping-pong, and of having a large social mass, with more of 750 supporters clubs around the world.

Fischer’s arrival changed everything

It could be said that 2000 was the year of change in the unity. The arrival to the presidency of Peter Fischer It was a turning point, as the Frankfurt team has not stopped growing since then.

From having just under 6,000 members, it has gone on to have more than 100,000 fans, the German ‘tide’ that has been enveloping its team wherever it has gone. The parade of 35,000 of them through the streets of Barcelona before cramming the Camp Nou was good proof of that.

He also congratulates himself on having kicked the radicals out of his stadium and on taking a stand against fascism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. “We are a multicolored nationality and in our club we have up to 120 nationalities,” Fischer said.

Another victory against Rangers

The one in Seville is the second time that the unity is imposed on Rangers in a duel in Europe. The Germans already surpassed the Scots in the semifinals of the 1960 Champions League, although later the title would fly to the Santiago Bernabéu by running over the Real Madrid the Teutons in the final (7-3).

With this Europa League There are already nine titles achieved by the unitythe third in a continental key after the UEFA Cup of 1980 and the Intertoto from 1967.