The tremendous anger of Matamoros: he is absent from ‘Save me’ after the exclusive Makoke bomb

This Tuesday they advanced in Save me what Kiko Matamoros y Marta Lopez Alamo They posed in a magazine two days before their wedding, which will take place this Friday, June 2 in Madrid. And so it has been: she appears dressed as a bride on the cover of Lectures and posing with her imminent husband inside the weekly.

However, the protagonist of the cover has not been the girlfriend, but the ex. makoke has surprised with a perched in the house of her first ex-husband, Javier Tudelato announce that she will be a grandmother again thanks to Javier Jr. and his daughter-in-law, Marina Romero.

However, the headline that the weekly has highlighted is the following: “I hope that Kiko does not lie this time.” In the interview, the commentator from Fiesta He has also said: “I’m not going to see Kiko’s wedding. I’m not going to be in Spain. Besides, I’m not interested.”

We still don’t know Matamoros’s reaction to such bombs since the collaborator was absent from his program this Wednesday afternoon. He is also called up for tomorrow Thursday, although they have ensured that he has also communicated his ‘low’.

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In Save me They have explained that he is “angry as a monkey” and that “he can’t stand that his wife has been relegated to the background”. Two days after his wedding with the twenty-something model, he better not lose his temper on television and stir the waters, more than they still are with his ex-wife, from whom he separated in 2018.

Just bethlehem esteban He has launched an order in favor of Makoke: “She does not choose to go out with Kiko’s girlfriend. Let’s be realistic.” However, we find it hard to believe that she would have been the protagonist of the header if Matamoros did not get married in two days…