The ‘Toril effect’ has taken Real Madrid to the Champions League

Real Madrid qualified to play the next edition of the Champions League in the final stretch of the League, snatching the place from Atlético de Madrid after falling to the almighty Barça and after a start to the season in which no one expected such a happy ending. Without a doubt, the ‘Toril effect’ It has been key in this rise towards the goal of achieving a European place and finishing third in the table.

Since the arrival of the new coach, the white team has offered another image, which has resulted in a winning dynamic in which it has allowed the merengue team to achieve the feat of playing their second Champions League in a row despite their short life.

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The numbers speak for themselves. Real Madrid was tenth in the table in November, which is when the sports management decided to give a change of direction with the goodbye of David Aznar to be replaced by the former white player.

In his 19 games at the helm of the team, Toril has led an upward trend: Real Madrid has added 15 wins, one draw and only three defeats, both against Barça and one against Sporting Huelva.

Women's Real Madrid celebrate their move to the Champions League

Women’s Real Madrid celebrate their move to the Champions League

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In addition, some historic quarter-finals were played against Barça in the Champions League, leaving a very good image and the semifinals of the Copa de la Reina will be played. the so-called ‘Toril effect’ has been key to obtaining these results.