The 'Tinder' of football that aims to revolutionize transfers now works

Like, like and match … The Tinder app changed the way of understanding dating and websites to meet people less than a decade ago. The web spread throughout the world and generated a new model of interpersonal relationship. Does something less, That model came to football through Transfer Room, the 'Tinder of transfers'.

Transfer Room is an application in which clubs from all over the world can sign up (upon monthly payment between 165 and 2500 euros) to find what they are looking for in the market and put on sale those players who want to give up or who do not have gap in your templates. What looks like a player database is much more.

The club can screen your search and show interest in a player. If he accepts, a period of 10 minutes of conversation between the two will be opened to try to close the transfer as a 'speed dating' system.

The application, which Monchi used in Rome and for which he has had good words, seeks to reduce transfer times that can be easily solved and expand the range of clubs a player can leave. Also, reduce the intervention of agents and thus save money.

At a time when the Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on football club accounts, Transfer Room appears as an interesting alternative for next summer where loan assignments, youth squads and minor cache reinforcements will become commonplace. after years of shallow deeds. There, the fastest and most convincing in ten minutes will be able to close the signing he wants and the money, precisely due to his default, will lose weight as an argument.

There are not a few clubs that are registered in the app. In addition to giants such as Manchester City, Liverpool or Juventus, who seek to manage transfers of young footballers rather than great stars, several LaLIga teams such as Atlético de Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Real Betis, Villarreal, Celta, Alavés, Sporting, also play a leading role. Valladolid or Rayo Vallecano among others.