The three forceful words with which Jorge Javier Vázquez responds to Ana Rosa Quintana

the war between Jorge Javier Vazquez y Ana Rosa Quintana It has a lot of background behind it. It is not a simple substitution of programs, it also has a lot to do with ideologies. The “reds and fags” program of the Badalona presenter will stop broadcasting on June 23 after fourteen years on the air and, in its time slot, starting in September, Ana Rosa will arrive, the public scourge of Pedro Sanchez, with a new evening magazine. All just a few months before the general elections.

After the decision of the new Mediaset leadership, the presenter’s interview on the podcast was shared on platforms Little is spoken by Xuso Jones and Ana Brito. There they asked him about Jorge Javier.

“I think I’m one of its discoverers. Rosa Villacastín, then me, and then she started with Taste of the. I think Jorge is brilliant, he’s a great guy, with whom I don’t share anything ideologically. But we love each other. And when he has had problems I have called him, and when I have been ill he has called me. But it is true that we are very far away,” said the presenter.

The interview was posted this Monday, May 8, although it was recorded on February 15, months before the radical changes announced at Mediaset. Jorge Javier, for his part, has linked a piece of news related to this interview on Twitter, in which the following headline is highlighted: “Ana Rosa Quintana, about Jorge Javier Vázquez: ‘He’s a great guy, with whom I don’t share anything ideologically ‘”. Forceful, he has written: “he Tells the truth”.

The relationship between Jorge Javier and Ana Rosa cooled especially as a result of the docuseries of Rocio Carrascoin which the daughter of the eldest accuses the father of her two children of alleged ill-treatment, Antonio David Flores. La Fábrica de la Tele, the producer of Save me and from the docuseries itself, he took sides with Rociito, while those of Unicorn Content (Ana Rosa’s producer) questioned his testimony.

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Then came the drop in audiences for Telecinco and the departure of Paul Vasilydefender of Save me, as CEO of Mediaset. The arrival of Borja Prado, the new executive staff of the Fuencarral chain, has caused a true revolution on its grill. Finally, it will be Ana Rosa who will occupy the evening slot from September. In the morning, she will continue her usual program, although without her as a presenter.

Since this Monday the end of Save methe program is ironic about its own ‘death’ and this Thursday they started the morning program with a dart.