The threat that blew up the wedding of bullfighter Juan Ortega: “Let him say it now or keep silent forever”

A veritable media tsunami was unleashed last Saturday when the bullfighter Juan Ortega He stood up his girlfriend just half an hour before the expected “yes, I do” in Jerez de la Frontera. Up to 500 guests were left with their mouths open as they waited for the ceremony to start in the Church of Santiago. Since then, the reasons that led the bullfighter to make this drastic decision have made for a real soap opera.

The possible appearance of a persona non-grata in the Church triggered everything, according to the testimony of Omar Suárez: “A person from the bullfighter's past who never completely left could have prevented the wedding. He threatens to appear on the day of the wedding and blow everything up. And perhaps given this fear that everything will blow up, he decides to cancel the wedding,” the journalist said this Wednesday on Telecinco.

Emma García, very witty, added: “A wedding in which this phrase was never said… If anyone has something to say, let them say it now or remain silent forever.”

Will there be a second round?

As we gathered, friends of both affirm that both the matador and his girlfriend, Carmen Otte, They walk around crying on the corners, because the dramatic outcome was not the lack of love between them: “They love each other very much”. Thus, they do not rule out a reconciliation in the future: “When things calm down, they will come back.”

The protagonists of the soap opera have maintained telephone contact these days and despite the hardship that it was for her to remain composed and without a boyfriend, she admits her part of responsibility for what happened: “She knows that she has allowed her family, especially her father, to get involved in their relationship and she is very sorry.”.

In this sense, the argument between Ortega and his father-in-law also upset everything: “You won't love my daughter so much when it took you so long to ask her to marry him,” the father said. “But if you have gotten what you wanted, let's get married when you want and how you want,” the groom responded. Both exchanged these messages on WhatsApp just four weeks before the expected Jerez wedding.