The thing of a lifetime against Real Madrid

The film this past Sunday was repeated and did not surprise the Red and White parish. Actors have changed over time, but there are always some who play the same role marked by arbitrational permissiveness, situations that call for outrage with arbitration decisions that do not exceed a minimum objective analysis screening often occur. . And is that González González recalled an even more memorable encounter called by Muñiz Fernández, triumphed with controversy in the time of Caparrós that ended as the rosary of dawn.

Apart from the fact that his performance left much to be desired, the use of the VAR is also in question, which by omission could harm Athletic with the stomping of Sergio Ramos on Raúl García. With this new instrument, football is still marked by the horns. And it is that nothing or almost nothing has changed when Real Madrid steps on Bilbao.

Three ex-rojiblancos, Dani Ruiz Bazán, Gaizka Toquero and Ismael Toquero, reflect on what happened before the meringues and contribute their vision of a utensil that feeds in the ardent gatherings, but which are still pending to establish evident improvements.

“For me the expression without wanting does not exist”

“I consider that the penalty, the one that is whistled at us, can be whistled perfectly,” begins one of the most iconic fighters in the area that the Bilbao team has had in recent decades. It refers to the entry of Dani García to Marcelo that led to the only goal for Real Madrid, scored by Sergio Ramos.

“The most natural thing is that with the right leg the Athletic player is going to get the ball, and instead puts the left leg in to not let the other pass,” says Dani Ruiz-Bazán, before expressing a controlled complaint with the that will match everyone. “What I feel bad about is that in the next move, in which Raúl García is stepped on by Sergio Ramos, both the commentators and the whole world say‘ no, it is unintentionally ’”, is expressed.

That nuance gives him to expand his arguments, because in this football you live with realities. “For me, the expression“ inadvertently ”does not exist in football, nobody knows what you intend to do inside, apart from the fact that Raúl tries to make a mark and that means that you have the possibility that the ball will go to him and can top it off. If you step on it, possibly it is inadvertently or willingly, but nobody knows it. But even if it is inadvertent, you can unintentionally make a penalty, because you want to hit the ball and you don't hit and hit the forward's leg. And if the referee asks you, you don't say 'excuse me, it was accidentally, don't ask me for a penalty'. No, no, he gives it to you ”, he adds.

But Dani's criticism does not end there, because there is something in which everyone agrees, such as not allowing advice in situations that are at least doubtful, as happened this Sunday. “And the third thing I do not like is that they do not deign to go to the VAR images so that the referee can decide or not. There are many things that are not normal in this type of game, but I do not exclusively point to Madrid, “says Dani, since these things have happened to us with other teams and in other situations in my sports career,” he concludes.


“Sometimes they have favored Athletic”

Another ex-lion who has suffered at least the vicissitudes of duels against whites wants to relativize what happened, because he knows that happiness goes through neighborhoods and what is disgrace today is benefit tomorrow. Some days it is time to go to bed with the indignation of a decision that hurts you and another, with the strange feeling that you have benefited after an error in the braid.

“We always remember these things when they hurt us, the players are annoyed at that moment when they suffer, but I remember other games in which we have benefited” recognize. “There have also been times when decisions have favored Athletic and other teams. And it is true that in the last few days weirdest things are being seen ”, Gaizka Toquero admits in moderation.

By the way, a few years ago, a little over a decade ago, Muñiz Fernández suffered the curious way of refereeing in a blustering match against the meringues at La Catedral. The former Alava striker was one of the big victims of that appointment after suffering a caress on Heinze's face in the area that the referee did not even see to whistle for a foul and he went off again like other meringues players on a night of numerous cards and great indignation of the red and white fan.

Despite his relativistic view of things, that does not mean that the gasteiztarra admits that “strange things happen, like Mallorca's penalty the other day”, so he demands a way of thinking that is used in a coordinated way to the view of what has been happening in recent days. “They have to have a criterion for everyone the same, there is no unified criterion. For me the VAR is an advance, it seems to me a very good tool, but it is clear that there are very clear failures ”, understands Toquero, who also acknowledges that Athletic was injured from their appointment against Real Madrid.

“There should be ex-players in the VAR”

Although he could not see the entire match, since the second part was lost due to personal commitments, he is aware that what was cooked in San Mamés, so he avoids higher evaluations in this regard, although he has his criteria in reference to one of the axes of the discussions of the last hours.

Ismael Urzaiz provides a very interesting point of view regarding a machinery that did not work as it should – or simply did not work – against Real Madrid, generating the consequent controversy. Sometimes it has been said that it would be beneficial if there were ex-arbiters in the VAR so that there is a certain detachment from the current ones; On other occasions it has been denounced that among the same colleagues they are not going to step on the hose and that there is a certain corporatism that damages their operation.

Well, the ex-soccer player from Navarra contributes another demand regarding the organization of an instrument that continues to be a reason for discussion, especially with Real Madrid involved in recent days. “I like the VAR, I think that the plays are analyzed seems good to me, what I do believe is that there is something that can be improved. There should be ex-players to analyze the situations, see if at a certain moment a player lets himself fall “, understands that of Tudela, confident in the experience of ex-colleagues by profession, who know with more perspective what is usually done, for example, in the area, where the art of deception may be more the order of the day.

Although this technology is to your liking, it is inevitable to make some kind of correction to make it more reliable and avoid so many discussions between the media and fans. “It is something that must be corrected and on which we must get down to work,” advises Urzaiz.

By the way, the VAR could have conceded a spectacular Chilean goal precisely against Real Madrid for dangerous play, since he had Fernando Hierro at a short distance. That cancellation of the goal was vital, since the match was lost by Athletic by 2-3. It was the 98-99 season and Daudén Ibáñez whistled.